The Basics

Below are answers to some of the more usual questions we receive from builders and homeowners.

The Details

When creating a home with thousands of parts there is a good chance that there will be hundreds of questions. Most of those get worked out in the early design stage so that changes during construction are kept to a minimum.

It is no secret the a good amount of builder profit is made from options and change orders. At AmeriSus we strive to minimize change orders and our homes are feature filled so that most everything you would want is standard.

The Specs


If you have a question that is unanswered send us an email (information@AmeriSus.com) and we will promptly respond.

If you prefer a telephone discussion call us at 267 410-0977

We do not have somebody hanging around to answer calls (remember our agenda is to reduce costs) so if you get voicemail leave a message with your name & #.

What’s so Different about an AmeriSus House?

AmeriSus homes have been designed and engineered to bring a balanced blend of affordability, energy efficiency and sustainability as a result of the designs employed and the materials, systems and components that go into each house. AmeriSus homes can be the market leader in any market as a result of the extra value delivered. In other homes, you may find one or two of these attributes, but rarely all three.

“What is the Ready Build System?

In order to ensure that thousands of pieces all get to the job site in a predetermined sequence that allows for the construction process to be simple and efficient, AmeriSus developed a highly sophisticated computerized system that coordinates the entire process much like that which is employed at manufacturing plants where production materials arrive in a “just-in-time” fashion. The Ready Build System™ marries all the particulars of a given home type with where the pieces come from and where the project job site is located. At the push of a button the contract, pricing, schedule and shipping criteria are generated and coordinated with all the involved players so that everything happens as planned over the AmeriSus eight week build cycle.

How Does a Builder Work with AmeriSus?

AmeriSus operates similar to any other supplier, except that instead of many suppliers, you have only one for all of your materials above ground. AmeriSus is responsible for ensuring that the right materials and quantities are ordered and delivered in a schedule created by us with your timelines. You the builder will still be responsible for site work, utilities and the foundation.

The AmeriSus support team is available to answer all of your questions.

What Does AmeriSus Actually Sell?

AmeriSus sells the most complete home component package in the nation that embodies a unique blend of efficiency and practicality that supports the concept of making households more sustainable. Our goal is to provide a series of home styles that enable builders to deliver better homes at lower prices. These homes are not only low-cost to buy, operate and maintain, but the occupants can also take advantage of an ongoing relationship with AmeriSus that continues to help the homeowner save money through a variety of affiliated partners that offer discounted services and goods long after one moves into an AmeriSus home.

What’s included in the AmeriSus Whole Home Package?

The AmeriSus Whole Home package includes all the parts for an entire home from sill plate to ridge vent, literally everything from the floor up. That includes doors, windows, electric, gas, plumbing, HVAC, fixtures, cabinetry, flooring, carpets, appliances and more. The list is lengthy and it covers, door knobs, paint, faucets, electrical switches; you name it. All the details are included in our specifications sheet.

What is not included?

That is a relatively short list. The AmeriSus home package does not include the land, local permits & approvals, site development & landscaping, utilities to the point of in-house distribution, the foundation and anything associated with the foundation such as slab, peripheral drains, foundation waterproofing etc. AmeriSus also does not include sanitary piping after the trap, wallboard, fire sprinklers, gutters and downspouts or fasteners such as nails & screws and . Everything else is supplied.

See What’s Not Included (click)

What happens if an event like bad weather delays my construction?

The Ready Build™ System sets a rigorous eight week schedule according to the builder’s own time frame where roughly 30 deliveries occur over that period. In the event of a delay or slowdown, for whatever reason, the builder notifies AmeriSus and the schedule is reformatted to accommodate adjustments that may be needed.

What happens if materials or a critical piece does not arrive as scheduled?

AmeriSus has brought together some the best companies in the business in order to make certain that it can capitalize on all of their experience in getting products to their intended destination with the least amount of difficulty. Although we all strive to be perfect, things happen and we do expect that on occasion an item may not show up as planned. If that happens the builder’s receiving manager will see that what arrived does not match with what was shipped and a call to AmeriSus customer service desk will get that item out and to the jobsite promptly. One of the reasons FedEx was selected as our logistics partner is because of their reputation for getting items delivered to the right place on time

What happens if something arrives in disrepair?

That can happen no different than an item showing up broken coming from a local supplier. Here again these items are also handled by our customer service desk via a simple telephone call where a replacement part can be routed to the project site in a quick and timely fashion. Just think about traditional construction practices where the builder is dealing with dozens of companies each with their own approach to handling problems. At AmeriSus the customer service desk handles everything.

How do I know when all the materials will arrive?

One of the amazing aspects of building an AmeriSus home is that there are no surprises. At contract signing, which is the official beginning of any project, AmeriSus provides a set of project documents that are unmatched in the industry including a complete set of site specific architectural plans, a complete materials list, a detailed project schedule, a logistics package itemizing what items arrive each week all backed up with support from our diverse technical team.

That all sounds great, how do I initiate my project with AmeriSus?

Everyone has worked hard to make the process easy. In simple terms, there’s a four step process.

Step 1: Check out the AmeriSus website, give us a call or fill out and return the “AmeriSus Homes Quote Form”. We can answer any question and provide help and guidance about our home models.

Step 2: Fill out a Quote Form identifying what you want and we will get ballpark pricing back to you promptly. The AmeriSus sales team is always available by phone or email for any questions you may have during this process.

Step 3: If your interest remains AmeriSus can get a more complete package out to you so you can move forward with local approvals, site planning, foundations etc. based on that information.

Step 4: We will execute a formal contract for the home(s) you want and as described above; start the process so that materials can start arriving at your site in four to six weeks. In as little as eight weeks from the first AmeriSus delivery you will have assembled one of the most markeacc_itemle homes imaginable with new owners looking to become part of the AmeriSus Experience.

How does AmeriSus handle material price changes?

Every AmeriSus home is a separate contract. A price quote for a specific home it is guaranteed for 60 days. If the contract is signed within that period, AmeriSus will honor that price if allowed to deliver within the 8 week AmeriSus timeline. If builder delays cause a quote to expire, our Ready Build™ System can generate a new quote that will reflect any variances in the market.

What’s the AmeriSus warranty?

All of the pieces going into an AmeriSus home, whether they are commodity items, systems, fixtures or appliances have warranties of varying scope and duration as provided by the respective manufacturer. Those warranties are passed on to the ultimate homeowner. The completed home itself, as usually is the case and often mandated by local ordinance in various forms comes with an overall Home Warranty. That home warranty is the responsibility of the builder that is assembling and selling that AmeriSus home.

Does AmeriSus provide paint and if so what if the painter runs out of paint?

AmeriSus supplies all exterior, interior and trim paint and primer In addition, AmeriSus provides stain and the protective finish that go on our oak staircases. AmeriSus has selected Sherwin Williams as its coatings partner. Their broad line of eco-friendly, no VOC paints put color and style in our homes with durable finishes that do not impact the environment or your family’s health. We have calculated the right amount of paint for each size home with enough extra to cover most situations. As stated before if an unexpected problem surfaces just call customer service.

Plumbing, water lines, waste lines, brackets – AmeriSus?

Yes and no on that question. As stated elsewhere AmeriSus provides everything from the sill plate up. A slab home will have everything provided from the slab up.

Connections from street – who provides that?

There are a few things that AmeriSus doesn’t supply as mentioned previously and utility supply (gas, electric, water, communications) to and from the house are the responsibility of the builder & utility.

Wiring, outlets, electric breaker boxes – who provides that?

Once again it’s all supplied by AmeriSus and this is where our technical guys went overboard. AmeriSus supplies everything from the breaker box to the outlets including the breakers, wire, boxes and switches. The builder provides, as described above, the outside service to the box and the labor to put it all together. Inside the home, our team found some unique additions that really make a difference. In select locations we have provided outlets that have their own light-sensing built-in LED lights. When on, they hardly use any electricity and when it’s daytime they automatically turn off. But when its dark and you need to pass through a dark area they provide just enough light to guide you down the hall or from one room to another. This is a fantastic feature that is a part of the AmeriSus difference.

Stair rails – type, design?

See our Standard Specifications sheet for details.

Can a garage be attached to side of house?

Each model home can have a matching style garage as an option that, depending upon the property’s plot plan, can be attached or in the rear with front or rear access. Choices include one, one and a half and two-car configurations.

Is all lumber precut to precise dimensions?

No it is not. Major structural pieces are precise sizes as are panel walls but items like sub-flooring, roofing, molding and trim need to be cut on site to ensure a proper fit. For homes using  Structurally Insulated Panels (SIP’s) they are cut by computer to tolerances of one millimeter so that our windows, doors and corners fit like a glove.

What type of lighting fixtures? Any selection (LEDs, high hats etc)?

All fixtures are energy star rated and can operate using fluorescent or LED lights. In select areas we have included energy star high-hats to provide the right effect while at the same time eliminating clutter. All lighting fixtures are top quality energy star approved.

Are the kitchen wall cabinets 30” or 42” high?

For many, the kitchen has become a gathering place that’s the most used room in the house. We went to great lengths to have a complete line of cabinets that matched very tough requirements. They needed to be attractive, functional, flexible and durable and affordable. Our cabinets come in a variety of sizes, finishes and styles with soft-close drawers.

Materials, prices and procedures are all subject to change. Substitutions will always be with a product of equal or better quality.