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ADU's have become the housing success story of the decade being the one product that everyone is excited about. Community planners, zoning professionals, environmentalists and the general population all agree that ADU's are Americas's best solution to the scarcity of affordable homes.

Over the past few years a quantum change has taken place where a new approach to housing has been embraced by everyone. Cities and even entire states are changing zoning and often the approval process in order to fast-track ADU construction in the community.


If you have a single-family residential property you can add an ADU in the form of a granny flat, carriage house, backyard apartment or in-law suite and with that addition create an attractive rental income in your very own backyard.


When most financial opportunities seem filled with risk & uncertainty a small backyard project that can be completed in weeks becomes one of the best ways to secure an attractive monthly revenue stream.

Our Years of Success in Whole Home Kits

Is a Key Ingredient for Smaller ADU's

Take a look at some of our standard models

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Materials Provided as a Kit

Whether on of our standard models or a custom design our Whole Home kits include most everything from the sill plate up.

Numerous Finish Options

Part of what makes AmeriSus so attractive is our flexibility. Everything provided in our kits can be modified to match your preferences.

ADU Structure Up in Days

We're not kidding when we say AmeriSus homes are BFC:

Better, Faster & Cheaper

Our ADU's can be up, secure & weather-tight in only a few days.

Be Renting in 60 Days

New full-featured ADU's are in high demand as they can produce attractive revenue streams as a real estate business in your yard.

A New Twist on Downsizing

Use equity in your home to build an ADU in your backyard.

Then move into the ADU and rent out your larger house.

And then pocket the resultant rental profit each month

A New ADU Project can be Simple

Zoning Approved – Utilities in Place – Managed from your Kitchen Window

  •   Start with your Lot   
  •   Pick a Model   
  •  Select a Builder   
  •     Construction done in Weeks    
  Start with your Lot   

Simplified Project Development

Living in your own home you already have the land & utilities now you can turn an unused backyard area into a profitable business.

Seniors wanting to downsize flip the business model around by building a new smaller ADU for themselves while renting our their larger home.

  Pick a Model   

Gorgeous Designs

Our standard ADU's vary in size to fit the space you have and your overall needs. Any model can have a variety of styles and finishes.

 Select a Builder   

Pick a builder or Do-it-Yourself

AmeriSus kit homes reduce waste in labor & materials making construction fast & simple.

A professional local builder can have your ADU completed and ready for occupancy in as little as six weeks or you invest your own sweat-equity and do most of the work yourself adding pro help when you need such expertise.

    Construction done in Weeks    

Schedule is Key

No better investment in today's crazy pandemic environment. Start a project now and enjoy a rental income in a few months.

Everything from structure down to the bathroom towel rack arrives at the job site in a just-in-time fashion with the AmeriSus Ready Build schedule.

Due to unprecedented ADU demand coupled with spot supplier shutdowns and shipment delays during these pandemic times one can expect anywheres from 4-6 weeks delay added to our fast-track Ready Build ™ schedule. We thank everyone for their support and patience in dealing with what has become the new normal for construction logistics.

What Makes AmeriSus an Industry Leader ?

Custom Home Features

Bargain Basement Pricing

Unmatched Value

Our Process & Services

Fully designed kit homes with all the materials* delivered in a just-in-time fashion to the job site.

Builders can reduce construction costs by 30% when building with AmeriSus

Weekend Warriors (do-it-yourself with friends) can save much more.

Leading Kit Home Supplier

AmeriSus Whole Home Kits provide everything you need to complete a home that is stronger, more efficient and of higher value than similar sized homes built the old-fashioned way.

Unmatched Pricing

Each AmeriSus kit home or ADU delivers unmatched value as a result of designs and materials selected to minimize labor and material waste while at the same time delivering high quality.

Build a Home in Weeks

Ever drive by that new home project in town that seems to go on nearly a year? Set speed records with AmeriSus.

With construction labor being nearly half the cost of a new home one way to reduce costs is to shorten the build schedule. At AmeriSus we help builders set new speed records.

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