Experience housing like never before.

State by state, city by city America is building smart housing in the form of Accessory Dwelling Units


Finally a solution that addresses the single largest unserved need for quality housing

Granny Flats – Carriage Houses – Rear Apartments – Pool Houses – In-law Suites – Starter Units

Whole Home Kits Delivered to Your Job Site – You Build It & Reduce Project Costs By 30%

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The Ultimate

Single-Source ADU Solution


From Design to Delivery 

We're On Top of Every Aspect

We've taken 10 years of success in creating affordable eco-homes and incorporated that into superior ADU's 


New clients ask "What if ?"


What if something is missing?

What if something is broken?

What if we need something extra? 


We've got you covered with one fantastic 

logistics team with supply centers in every state to get components to the job site quickly. 

Superior SIP Structures

Structural Insulated Panels (SIP's) create a stronger more energy efficient home where the structure can be up, secure & weathertight in less than a week.

Just-in-Time Delivery

Our Ready Build™system sets a flexible schedule that coordinates product delivery with construction progress. Instead of countless trips to suppliers Amerisus parts show up when needed so that all energy can be focused on construction. 

One Fixed Price

Everyone likes to know what's happening from the onset. So whether you are a builder, lender or homeowner you know your materials costs from day one.

Quality Products

You won't see us cutting corners by using low cost products to save a buck. Everything selected for an AmeriSus home is top-notch in quality and value.

Easy Customization

We can flex many ways including modified designs & floor plans, shortened or extended schedules as well as different products or fixtures. Just because we sell homes as a kit doesn't mean you need to compromise.

Better – Faster – Cheaper

Three words that best describe how we rank against much of the home building industry. Our homes are better, they get built faster with unbelievable pricing. 

Pro-Builder or Weekend DIY'er 

We've Got Construction Services to Handle Any Task You Don't Want to Do

Structure – Exterior – Roofing – Electrical – Plumbing – Flooring – Cabinetry – Etc. 

AmeriSus is the nation's leading provider of affordable, efficient, high-value Whole Home kit packages



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Doing Small Homes Right 

Building Value & Character – Not Boxes

AmeriSus Homes

  • Leading national supplier of Whole Home kit packages
  • Wide variety of Eco-Home™ Eco-Cottage™ & Eco-ADU™designs 
  • Fully modifiable to suit specific needs or configurations
  • Roughly 60% of our projects are custom designs 
  • Unmatched combination of efficiency, quality & affordability
  • Serving professional builders, remodelers and do-it-yourselfer’s
  • Homes typically built in 12-18 weeks ADU's in as little as 8 weeks
  • Network of 3,000 supply / logistic centers
  • more 

Think SIP construction is Expensive?


Talk to us about our Superb Structure Discount  

Small House Experts 

Done Right & Fast 

ADU Structures Up in Days

Systems & Finishes Follow

Designed for Simplicity 

Engineered for Value 

Fantastic ROI

Everything in our AmeriSus ADU’s has been purposefully selected to create a high quality, super-efficient dwelling superior to traditional stick-built homes.

Decades of experieince in process improvement and systems optimization along with our proprietary Ready Build system reduces the construction costs & minimizes waste.

Efficiencies in procurement, logistics & constructability results in better homes at more affordable pricing.  


We're so much more than a Parts Business

Our Ready Build ™ system & team of professionals work on your project from concept to completion.

Designed for Constructability

An AmeriSus Eco-home™ or Eco-Cottage ™ and even our smaller Eco-ADU ™models reduce construction labor & minimize material waste. 

Priced for Affordability 

Volume purchasing & superb supplier relationships result in material pricing and a logistics model that can't be beat.

Packaged for Simplicity

We make building a ADU a simple experience including being able to provide skilled labor when and where needed.

The Same Models

The Same Parts

The Same Process 

Shipped Everywhere 

Mass-production Efficiency 

Brought to your backyard 

Need help finishing your ADU let the AmeriSus pro-team help you out on roofing, siding, flooring, windows, utilities and more .


State after State, City after City Implementing Housing Solutions

by Approving ADU Zoning Legislation

Off The Shelf or Custom Design


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Perpetual Efficiency = $


The AmeriSus Ready Build™system handles design, procurement and logistics so that everyone is working on the same schedule getting the right parts to the right project on the right date. Efficiency from the very beginning. 


Half the cost of a new home is labor related. AmeriSus homes use designs and materials that reduce man-hours and simplify the construction process.


No reason to stop saving money after your home is completed. A standard AmeriSus Eco-Home (without costly options) is one of the most energy efficient homes built today.

Small Homes with Big Features (AmeriSus Eco-Cottage)

As Easy as 1, 2, 3






Select an ADU model and work with us to add your customization for styles, colors and finishes. Once selected we will provide you with plans for local approvals and then be on our way towards incorporating what has been approved into one simple contract.


While the AmeriSus team coordinates everything in the background now is the time to have a foundation set (slab, pier or crawlspace) and have rough utilities run to where the home will sit.


Once we have a “go-ahead” SIP panels are scheduled for fabrication. thousands of component items are identified with our Ready Build™system all set for scheduling, procurement and deliveries to match your build project.

95% of the Components  in an AmeriSus 

Eco-Home or Eco-Cottage

are American Made

Unbeatable Logistics

The Amerisus supply chain is comprised of more than 3,000 centers nationwide that can get the right part to the right location. 


If something isn't right we can fix it pronto. 

Create an Income Generator

ADU Cost


As an Example pick our 

Expanded Eco-Cottage 

$64,900 Kit Price

Add 50% for Build Costs




Monthly Payment

Based on Equity Loan

from existing home


 $97,350 @ 6% for 180 months


Lower cost via refinance 




In as little as

10 weeks 

(for construction) 

You now have a

Rental Property in your Yard 



Monthly Profit 


Each & Every Month 

Based on Illustrated

Financial Calculation


Finance Less or Pay Off Loan Sooner to Increase 

Monthly GP 

Above calculation is solely intended to serve as an example of the income generating ability of a typical ADU project. Your results may be different.

What's Included in our 

Whole Home Package?

Simple Answer:


Everything from the Sill Plate Up 



The sill plate sits on the foundation


Structural Components Cut to Size

You Assemble Your ADU 

Click Tabs for Quick View of Included Basics

  • Structure
  • Exterior Finish
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanical
  • Interior Finishes
  • Fixtures
  • Not Included

Sill Plate – Header Joists – Rim Boards – Joist Hangers – Floor Joists – Sub Flooring – SIP Panels – Misc. Lumber – Exterior Wall Wrap – Window & Door Wrap – Windows – Pre-Hung Exterior Doors – Door Hardware – Interior Wall Framing – Ceiling Joists – Roof Trusses or SIP Panels – Insulation – Roof Sheathing – Ice Barrier – Roof Underlayment Shingles – Roof Vents

Exterior Finish

Exterior Siding – Siding Trim – Soffit & Trim – Window Trim – Shutters – Deck Boards – Deck Railing


Load Center (Breaker Box) – Breakers – Wire Connectors – Wire – Electrical Boxes – Switches – Outlets – GFI's – Faceplates – Interior Lighting Exterior Lighting – Exterior Outlets – Fire & CO2 Detectors


PEX Manifold – PEX Connectors – PEX Piping – Sinks – Tubs & Showers – Faucets – Drains – Garbage Disposal – Exterior Hose Bib – Refrigerator Ice Connection – Washer Connection – Dryer & Exterior Vent


HVAC System – Hot Water Heater – Bath Exhaust – Kitchen Exhaust

Interior Finishes

Wood Flooring – Vinyl Flooring – Carpeting – Paint Interior Primer – Paint Interior Wall & Ceiling – Pre-Hung Interior Doors – Door Hardware – Baseboard Moulding – Door & Window Trim 


Kitchen Cabinets & Countertops – Bath Vanity – Bath Medicine Cabinet, Mirror & Accessories – Closet Shelving

Not Included

The Land – Site Development & Landscaping – House Foundation Below Sill Plate (this can be slab, crawl space, full basement or elevated – Utilities to the point of "In-House Distribution" – Utilities after Drains & Traps – Structural Support for Exterior Porch, Deck or Exterior Stairs – Wallboard – Gutters & Downspouts – Basic Fasteners (screws & nails) – Fire Sprinkler System

Small ADU's with Big features

So Much More Than A Backyard Box

How's This for a Starter Kitchen ?

What About Schedule & Shipping?


Part of building an ADU via our Ready Build schedule is the flexibility. Everyone has a different timeline for construction. Pro builders might be slamming out ADU's or even ADU neighborhoods at a hectic pace. DIY'ers might be tackling their build weekend after weekend. Whatever the speed our schedule can be adjusted accordingly. A typical ADU has five deliveries. The first includes components for putting the basic structure in place with the goal of having a weatherproof & secure "warehouse" to receive the rest of the deliveries. After that four deliveries are paced to parallel the progress of key tasks associated with completing the home. If you elect to slow things down (say for weather or other factors) we can accommodate that. Conversely, if you want to speed things up, we can handle that equally as well.


In teaming with the manufacturer of our exterior SIP panels we have two aspects of shipping costs. The SIP package along with structural lumber is big filling an entire truck. That shipment (the first one) is free within 300 miles of our national SIP suppliers. Beyond that there is an additional mileage charge. 

Everything else, all the other deliveries, the thousands of pieces going into your ADU are shipped free of charge. 

No Other Building Approach Can Compare

No pressure or gimmicks just great value

How do we do that?

  • No corporate offices
  • No company warehouses
  • No land inventory
  • No physical home models
  • No high-paid executives 

Contact AmeriSus


267 410-0977



If you call and get voicemail don't just hang up, leave a message. Our team is very busy and they look forward to responding to your message. 

Affordable Housing

Who Could Benefit? – – – Everyone!

Whether starting out in life in your first job, winding down from your last job or in-between a new ADU can be your best financial decision. 

As a rental starter home in someone's backyard you can enjoy something new, comfortable and private in an established neighborhood.

As a new place to live in your exiting backyard, rent out the main house, down-size to the new ADU, stay close to neighbors, friends & shops and bump up your monthly income.

Our Eco-cottage ADU plan shown below offers everything one would need at under 700 sq. ft.