Experience housing like never before.

State by state, city by city America is building smart housing in the form of ADU’s

Finally a solution that addresses the single largest unserved need for quality housing

Accessory Dwelling Units

Granny Flats – Carriage Houses – Rear Apartments – Pool Houses – In-law Suites – Starter Units

Call them what you want they are today’s new home bargains

Here are eight ADU’s that can be built in your backyard


729 sf



750 sf + 2-car garage


Expanded Eco

783 sf


Country Carriage

600 sf + garage



665 sf


Carriage 655

575 sf


Small eco

485 sf


Adams Cottage

400 sf


The Ultimate ADU Solution

Superior SIP Structures

Assemble quickly, better strength & efficiency, high sound reduction

Quality Materials & Products

All materials & components have been selected for quality, value and minimization of waste & labor

Delivered in Just-In-Time Fashion

Our unique logistics network works hard-in-hand with our Ready Build schedule saving time & money

Easy Customization

Any of our models can be modified to fit a specific footprint or match an existing structure

One Fixed Price Contract

Deal with one entity and one upfront price with no surprises

Better – Faster – Cheaper

An unmatched process perfected over many years reducing construction costs by 30%

As easy as 1, 2, 3

1 – Specifics

Select an ADU model and work with us to add your customization for styles, colors and finishes. Once  selected that is incorporated into one simple contract.

2 – Sitework

While the EPS & AmeriSus team coordinate everything in the background now is the time to have a foundation set (slab, pier or crawlspace) and have rough utilities run.

3 – Deliveries

Once we have a “go-ahead” SIP panels are scheduled for fabrication. thousands of component items are identified with logistics fitting deliveries into an established Ready Build schedule.

More than 95% of AmeriSus Components are American Made

What’s included in our Whole Home Package ?


  • Leading national supplier of Whole Home kit packages
  • Unmatched combination of energy efficiency – quality components – low affordable pricing
  • Serving professional builders, remodelers and do-it-yourselfer’s
  • Network of 2,000 supply / logistic centers

Standard & Custom Home Designs – All Super Energy Efficient – Built in weeks not months – Unmatched volume purchasing & sourcing for the ultimate best mix of  value & price

ADU Structure Up in days

Systems & Finishes Follow

Designed for Simplicity


Everything in our AmeriSus ADU’s has been purposefully selected to create a high quality, super-efficient dwelling superior to traditional stick-built homes.

Experience in process improvement and systems optimization along with our proprietary Ready Build system reduces the cost of construction. t homes. For our ADU’s we’ve added components that make construction easier with completion in weeks.

Our focus on product selection, procurement, logistics & constructability results in better homes at more affordable pricing.are our ADU’s to what’s in the marketplace and you will clearly see what AmeriSus is BFC. If you intend to rent your ADU the ROI is fantastic.

The Low-density Approach for New Housing

Character is a town’s quality that’s built over decades.  It should not be destroyed by multi-family projects that don’t fit.

ADU’s are one solution that brings new housing into a community without disruption.

No big structures filled with transient occupants bringing congestion, traffic and disharmony.

Keep things simple with a backyard ADU.

Affordable Housing ?

We’ve been creating great eco-homes for years where the finished product is better and less expensive that typical new home construction.

When we call it “affordable” sometimes people get confused by that term.

Our goal from the beginning is to make homes more “affordable” for everyone.

Small in Size – Big in Features – Easy to Build

A Home As A Project

Years ago someone actually building their own home was a rarity. Today DIY TV shows and supplies from big box retailers have made home projects commonplace. Amerisus ADU’s are the next step in going from home projects to project that’s a home. Most of our ADU’s are not much bigger than a two-car garage and with SIP construction the building shell can be up, weather-proof and secure as a receiving warehouse in a matter of days.

Our Ready Build System

We’ve been delivering AmeriSus Whole Home Kits to builders for almost ten years. The process has advanced to the point where a small cottage is a do-able project for a homeowner. We use designs, materials and components that make construction simple and we provide the guidance that enables someone not familiar with building requirements to do it all properly.

Beyond Your Wildest?

Building your own AmeriSus cottage takes time, some skill and the right attitude. If you aren’t sure about tackling such a task then you need a professional builder to do it all or to help you when the going gets tough.

Here’s a chance to generate some income

States across the nation are passing legislation in support of ADU’s. That’s followed by cities changing their zoning to work with that new guidance. That puts in place the opportunity to own a rental property on your property where you can be on top of and actually enjoy the situation you create.

And fight the tax man !

No matter where you live the odds are high that your property and local taxes will be on the increase.

Putting an ADU in your backyard as a rental property you can keep an eye on is an investment approach that delivers a super ROI to the point where profits can offset those tax increases.

The social opportunity of an ADU is unlimited

There’s practically no end to the situations that you can create by having an ADU in your backyard. Nearly everyone has a relative, friend or neighbor that could be the right candidate for living in your ADU.

A senior downsizing?  A graduate looking for a starter place.  An in-law needing help?  Anyone in need of a nice home?

SOCO housing (Single Or Couple Occupied) that’s no kids is the largest unserved home segment nationally

It doesn’t make sense one or two people living in a home built for a large family with kids.

Most can’t afford to heat, cool, maintain and pay the costs associated with a home having rooms that aren’t used or needed.

AmeriSus ADU’s are not a “Box in a Yard” solution

A New Home in your yard should be Attractive

Our Granny Model shown here looks fine in any yard and has more high-value features than most McMansions. It can be completed in weeks and offers just what one would want for comfortable living.

The AmeriSus Ready Build package includes nearly everything except the foundation all the way down to the kitchen sink and towel racks in the bath.  See what’s included in our package. more

Unmatched Energy Efficiency – Superior Building Strength – Quality Materials & Components

Now Really! Who wouldn’t want to live in an apartment like this?

All those parts don’t matter if the structure stinks !

  • AmeriSus works hard to get the best materials and components into each of its homes on schedule. But,  there’s so much more to creating a fantastic home that will survive the test of time. That’s why our Whole Home Package includes a building shell built on site with components designed and manufactured by Energy Panel Structures.
  • Years ago when AmeriSus began we looked at every imaginable way to build homes. SIP panels won the contest for a variety of reasons.

SIP panel construction combines factory accuracy and quality with the ability to build on site quickly with a product that outperforms stick-built construction.

Solid SIP wall construction does a better job of keeping the cold out in the winter and the heat out in the summer.

Build fast, walls up and you have better framing, interior and exterior siding and solid insulation done in one step.

No Other Building Approach Can Compare

No pressure or gimmicks just great value

How do we do that?

  • No corporate offices
  • No company warehouses
  • No land inventory
  • No physical models
  • No high paid executives

Everything we do is focused on creating fantastic housing at unprecedented prices.

Contact AmeriSus


267 410-0977



One fixed-price contract for your entire Whole Home package

Everything you need to complete an ADU quickly and affordably.

We provide the package – How to get it built?

  • Complete Builder Project – If you are an experienced builder our unique approach, Ready Build system and Whole Home Package will allow you to pump out high value ADU’s quickly benefiting from significant
  • Partial Builder Project – For some buyers an entire new home project (even as small as a backyard garage) can be too much to tackle. If so, bring in a pro builder for what might seem to be difficult tasks and do the rest yourself.
  • Organization Project – With affordable housing in great supply more and more community groups have become involved in home construction. Whether a dedicated building crew or a mix of volunteers our AmeriSus package delivers with volume pricing, easy to install components and our Ready Build system which cuts out half the work and saves time and money on what you do.
  • Do It Yourself Project – People have become quite handy where they tackle all kinds of home projects. Windows, floors, cabinets plumbing, painting are all a part of building a new house. Many of the components we in our AmeriSus ADU’s have been purposefully selected, at higher expense, just to make construction easier saving time and effort. Build it yourself or with a few friends and end up with a fantastic new home in weeks.