How Does It Work ?


Select Desired Model

Whether one home or twenty the process is the same.

Confirm Fixed Price

Transparent material costs not co-mingled with labor.

Execute COntract

Materials, schedule & price fully defined at day one.

Ready Build Takes Over

An easy to use system accessible to all involved.

Shipments per Schedule

No more trips to suppliers to see if they have what you need today.

Done in Record Time

Complete and ready for occupancy just add occupants.

Unmatched performance achievable via truly amazing levels of data management

Doing It By the Numbers

One of our early customer builders after experiencing the speed and quality of creating an Amerisus home jokingly started referring to us as the company that sold a “house in a box” simply because not to different from knockdown furniture or cabinets that come with everything you need in one box, that was his experience in building an entire home with AmeriSus.

We’ve come a long way since those first few projects and all that we learned was fed into our database to be used in future work.

Today, with sophisticated data management capabilities that didn’t exist only a few years ago our Ready Build system is crunching the waste out of each project like never before.