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About Us

AmeriSus started as a way to change household budgets via a different approach to housing

Affordable Housing for Everyone™

There’s all kinds of data that speaks to where people want to live and what kind of homes they desire. Unfortunately all too often there is nothing affordable where you would like to live and whatever you might desire is unattainable. Go to most any neighborhood and housing that is available is one huge leap for everyone; rich, poor, young or old.  Some people are stuck where they are.  Some spend way more than they can afford.  Others need to move great distances to find something that works.  AmeriSus homes come in a variety of sizes able to accommodate mom and dad and a few kids, multi-generational families and what we call SOCO households (that’s Single Or Couple Occupied – with no kids) that’s the nation’s largest market.  We’ve cranked all the numbers, brought in manufacturers & suppliers as partners, engineered and then re-engineered to achieve the absolute best solution for everyone.

The approach and process is different but maximizes opportunity and is applicable nationally. We’ve done all the upfront work from design through to logistics and schedule. All one needs is a place to construct one of our Whole Home Eco-kits which provide everything from the complete structure down to towel racks in the bath; and even the kitchen sink.  Our eco-cottages can fit in a backyard as Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s) or laid out as cottage neighborhoods fitting 8-12 per acre with finished cost so low that a couple earning minimum wage will find the monthly cost to be affordable (30% of income).

Have a son or daughter just out of college looking for a starter place? Is grandma looking to downsize and get out of that big house with empty rooms?  Are you just married, paying off huge college bills and in search of something that makes financial sense? So many situations in need of a solution. Just think about how many people live alone and are looking for something nice that doesn’t kill the monthly budget. We’ve been working, for the last ten years, to make households financially sustainable. That’s why we’re named the American Sustainability Initiative.

Think AmeriSus

Developer – Builder – Do-It-Yourselfer

AmeriSus makes your project Better, Faster, Cheaper


Monies saved through efficiently building allows for the specification of higher quality components.


Builders using Amerisus Whole Home Kits typically have their new eco-home shell secure & weather tight in one week and complete in 12 weeks. Our eco-cottages can be completed ready for occupancy in sixty days.


National volume purchasing and homes designed with constructibility in mind minimize waste in materials & labor resulting in cost of construction numbers that are unbeatable.

Beyond    Better – Faster – Cheaper

Everyone at AmeriSus has been working hard this past decade to bring down the price of new housing. Our homes have been designed for improved constructibility using quality components. We created the Ready Build system for a better way to schedule and manage how a home goes together. To save on the cost of materials we’ve employed procurement procedures borrowed from world-scale mega projects. To tie it all together we’ve pushed data management to a new level. On top of all of that our team is committed to bringing new building technologies and new approaches to financing so that our customers can create fantastic eco-homes available to everyone at unbelievable pricing.

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Affordability is a Science at AmeriSus

In a world where labor & material prices keep rising

The cost of an AmeriSus Eco-Home keeps going down

An unmatched mix of quality & value

We’ve applied super-project knowhow to housing

Experience The Experience™

You can’t get a new home or a new kitchen by clicking an “Add to Cart” button on a website. It is a complex process that we keep making simpler. Here we’ve provided a lot of information that you can review at your leisure. If you have any questions don’t hesitate calling us. We do not have a telephone receptionist (more money saved).

Leave a message, your name & number and the best time we can call you back. One of our team will reach out to you ASAP.

No time for a call (a lot of our customers are out in the field 9-5 (more often 7–7) – send an email and we can start a conversation that way.

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