A Single Source Solution

We work with you to create the design

There is a ton of work involved in going from concept to a finalized home design. We handle all that’s involved working with builder and homeowner to achieve a high value home that’s feature filled and more affordable than comparable products.

Then we supply all the parts

Dozens of uninvolved suppliers have no commitment to your project other than selling high-margin products. The AmeriSus Ready Build system works from the design that’s been approved, specifies all the right materials and products, creates a fast-track building schedule and then delivers all the parts in a just-in-time fashion.

Whether the projects are large or small AmeriSus Homes can deliver a completely integrated “Whole Home Package” that includes design, engineering, schedule, systems integration, materials, products, appliances and finishes. Each home’s component pieces are delivered to the job site in roughly 30 deliveries over an 8-10 week period. Our just-in-time Ready Build schedule sets the pace so that as a builder you only have to focus on quality building and nothing else. One fixed-price contract, one company to deal with and one affordable, super-efficient sustainable home as the result. Just add labor and your next home can be completed quickly. That simplicity creates increased productivity which at the end of the day translates into increased profits along with being able to build homes that more and more people want.

Since most AmeriSus homes are secure & weather-tight within one week our approach works extremely well for infill city projects.  Give us a call to discuss your net job.