Selecting appliances for AmeriSus Homes was indeed a challenging task in part because there are all kinds of products, with all kinds of features made by so many manufacturers.

But unlike picking paint colors, where there are so many colors, appliances need to perform in so many different ways.

We applied the Six-Criteria we consistently use for evaluating most anything that goes into our homes. They are in order of priority: affordability, energy efficiency, simplicity, marketability, sustainability and job creation. In the end we selected the Whirlpool Corporation which is a worldwide leader in the home appliance industry. Here’s how they fit with our measurement metrics:

Affordability – Whirlpool manufactures appliances across all major categories with tremendous products at each price point. For AmeriSus Homes we have selected outstanding appliances that work perfectly with our homes.

Energy Efficiency – Whirlpool was awarded the 2011 Energy Star® Sustained Excellence award – the highest possible ENEGRY STAR award by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Simplicity – Whirlpool makes it simple from every aspect. A solid corporation that has been around since 1911 offering a broad range of high quality, high performance products that is backed up with support and service no matter where the ultimate homeowner may be.

Marketability – Whirlpool makes some of the world’s most recognized appliance brands, including Whirlpool, Maytag, KitchenAid, Jenn-Air and Amana. The Whirlpool brand is the world’s No. 1 global appliance brand.

Sustainability – Nobody wants a great product that can’t pass the test of time. Nobody wants a great warranty that needs to be used again and again. Whirlpool’s commitment to sustainability starts with product design carries over to manufacturing and is demonstrated by the long-term performance that builders and homeowners have come to expect from such a world-class organization.

Job Creation – Every day thousands of Whirlpool employees go to work at plants and office in America producing high quality products that deliver unprecedented value and performance.

At AmeriSus the Whirlpool Corporation and its great line of products simply could not be beat!

To learn more about the fine line of products from the Whirlpool Corporation follow this link