1 building design – 1 set of plans – Every lot & building slightly different

What if you could use one set of plans and a flexible building design for a variety of homes going on lots of varying uncertain dimensions?

The answer is you could have each house designed to fit the situation of you could use the AmeriSus Flexi-Fill design / build approach and save time and money.

This approach was first applied to a a group of city infill projects where the lots were all regarded as similar in size but where property-line inconsistencies, common walls bridging over property lines, support abutments, chimineys and other obtrusions were all obstacles requiring in-the-field adjustments to the actual home being constructed.

Taking what was learned from those first few buildings the concept was expanded backwards to building design so that the particular model home would be applicable in a much broader fashion so that certain Flexi-Fill designs could be easily adapted to site conditions so that the structure could be be made narrower, wider, shorter or longer without having to incur additional cost and consume additional design time.

This feature is consistent with the AmeriSus penchant of doing things faster and better while minimizing waste in terms of materials, time and money.

Not only is it applicable for infill situations where one is filling holes in the neighborhood but is also very applicable for rebuilding situations where storms, fire, tornados and floods have wiped out entire neighborhoods and flexibility is required to fit new homes onto varying lot and foundation configurations.