Now We Offer Shells

The AmeriSus “Whole Home Kit” sets the standard when it comes to complete home kits that include everything needed to build a home including structure, systems, products & finishes ready for occupancy. Now, for the first time, AmeriSus is offering lower cost “Shell Kits” as an alternative to our popular Whole Home Kits.

Here’s Why

  • Over the past few years the Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) segment at AmeriSus has had an ever-growing number of customers undertaking projects as DIY’ers tackling new kitchens, baths, painting and more as work done on days off and weekends. They’ve asked for Shell kits.

  • Since COVID we’ve reached a point where time is in abundance and many materials are in short supply. Erecting a new home Shell in a few days and then completing the interior work over time when specialty products are available makes sense. Why settle on material choices

  • Being made of SIP’s (structural insulated panels) the actual shell of an AmeriSus home is stronger, more energy & labor efficient and least impacted by rising lumber prices that are not expected to decline in 2021. Builders see the cost-benefit of installing AmeriSus Shells now.

Shell Kits typically price out at nearly half the cost of Whole Home kits.

Call or email to get answers to questions or to simply learn more about new home projects being BFC – Better, Faster & Cheaper with AmeriSus.

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