The New Term in Housing

For years we’ve been describing our homes as being Affordable

Unfortunately, Affordable seems to have a “poor” connotation

That’s pure nonsense, our homes create wealth & equity

So, we’ve replaced the term Affordable with our new Eco-Equity™ descriptor

It is Green for more reasons than efficiency and sustainability

With the primary reason being an unmatched value:price ratio

Jump on our Eco-Equitybandwagon to help get great people into great housing

“AmeriSus has disrupted the entire new home building process by creating fantastic eco-homes and eco-cottages that get built fast and cost less as a result of efficiencies that bring about serious savings in labor and materials.”

Rex Taylor – Builder

“The Thousand Cottage Placement Program brings a just-in-time digital manufacturing approach to the industry’s antiquated and sloppy approach to home building.  Coupled with some unique financial offerings their homes can be had by everyone.

Jason Dougherty – Consultant