Housing Toolkit from the Whitehouse

The lack of affordable housing has become such a problem that the Whitehouse has chimed in offering guidance in the form of a “toolkit” on housing policy.

It is rather comforting to see that so much of what was recommended has been a standard practice at AmeriSus for years.

  • Establishing by-right development

One of our biggest markets is where builders and homeowners put an AmeriSus home on property where no variances or zoning changes are required.

  • Streamlining or shortening permitting

Our City Benefits™ program gets participating towns onboard with our product to eliminate delays and reduce costs

  • Allowing accessory units

We were one of the first to project that this would become a huge market and created our Eco-Cottage™ line of homes to serve that need.

  • Enacting high-density & multifamily zoning

Our Eco-Cottage neighborhoods achieve that eliminating the issues associated with mid & high-rise buildings.

  • Employing inclusionary zoning

AmeriSus homes are so affordable (without government subsidy) that nearly all of our models qualify as affordable.


In many cities half the homes are single-occupant households. An AmeriSus Eco-Cottage like the one shown above can be built on an individual lot, be located as an accessory building or part of a neighborhood or village of cottages. Super efficient, attractive, built on-site by local labor and affordable.

If you feel at times that you are going in circles in your efforts to create affordable housing maybe its time you took a look at an entirely different approach that skips some of the bureaucracy and focuses on getting things done.

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AmeriSus Eco-Homes & Eco-Cottages are built at the job site by local labor. You can have a new home up and occupied in as little as 60 days.

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