Local fees, surcharges and taxes can either run up the cost of a project or put a huge dent in profitability; or both.

Say you spend $40,000 on materials for your next job. In some localities that means you will be hit for as much as $4,000 in sales tax. If you are building an entire house that hit could surpass $10K.

AmeriSus can get your project out from under the sales tax burden.

One of the strengths of AmeriSus is its ability to source products from a variety of manufacturers and suppliers delivering exceptional pricing to our customers. That benefit applies to customers that purchase our homes as well as customers that use us strictly for sourcing materials for their projects. You would be amazed at how many experienced builders buy from us and find out that their local supplier has been ripping them off for years.

AmeriSus can deliver your desired materials at discounted volume pricing PLUS no sales tax* all as a result of a simple phone call, email or fax with the end result being combined savings that are typically between 15-30%.

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Don’t have time during the day send us your material list at night we can provide quick turnaround with a quote the very next day.

* NOTE – As an out of state supplier with no local presence in your state we can sell to you without charging local sales tax.  Since we are located in Pennsylvania this tax saving opportunity cannot be extended to buyers in Pennsylvania although those buyers can still take advantage of our volume purchasing and discount pricing.