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At AmeriSus we have always thought that the kitchen was the most important room in the house.  Because a kitchen gets a high level of use the individual components that go into it need to be durable besides attractive.  Our Whole Home Kit Packages bring together products from some of the most respected manufacturers in the business and we make the whole process simple by handling all the details with design, product selection, procurement and delivery being handled as one purchase in a trouble-free manner.

Great components!  Great warranties!  Great Pricing!  Great Service!

The old-fashioned dinning room that saw use a few times each year is gradually disappearing in today’s new houses with homeowners spending wisely and questioning paying for that room (over the next 30 years) while it gets such little use.  The result of that thinking is larger kitchens with additional space for dinning and gathering while not having to incur the cost of dinning room square footage and associated furnishings.  In this manner a homeowner can direct those monies saved into an expanded kitchen design that satisfies the needs of  a busy lifestyle with features and products that can provide years of satisfaction; and i the end save some cash.

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Ask about receiving it all as a package in one of our Ready Pack POD’s shipped to your job site.

How many telephone calls, vendor visits and back & forth trips are part of your typical kitchen project?

Save all that time, eliminate the hassle and get cash savings with AmeriSus.