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AmeriSus Carriage House LR, BR, Kit & Bath over 2 car garage

Let’s first start by defining “affordable housing”.  A lot of people think it is strictly housing for the poor.  We don’t think so.

Our goal has always been to improve people’s financial condition by reducing the biggest expense in their budget – housing.  Whether you are making minimum wage or pulling down multiples of six-figures living in a home where the monthly cost is lower than the norm is one sure way to end each month with a little bit of extra cash in your pocket.

History has demonstrated that way too many people got into big trouble living in homes that they could not afford.  The reasons are endless and in many instances those harmed by the recession did nothing wrong other than to have “bad stuff” happen. We hear that story all the time and our affordable eco-homes and eco-cottages help people build a better financial future. Today’s headlines say that 40% of the nation lives from paycheck-to-paycheck. If hit by the loss of a job, unplanned healthcare costs, a personal disaster or just plain bad luck a paycheck to paycheck lifestyle puts you at risk. Our homes are the best value in today’s new home market.  They set new standards for energy efficiency, value and affordability.

The population has changed to where there are tens of millions of one and two person households that want to live in their own home with some privacy yet do not need four bedrooms and three baths which is what builders keep building.

AmeriSus homes are uniquely different.  They are smaller yet at the same time fun to live in and attractive.  They can be built by local builders, using local labor almost anywhere.

If you are a builder give us a call to hear how our Ready Build™ system can increase both revenue and profitability.

If you are a prospective homeowner call our number to learn how you can create the house you need where you want it.

If you are a town supervisor, board member or council person call us to learn how building smaller eco-homes in your community just might be the solution to a whole bunch of unresolved issues.  Give our Eco-Cottage™ a try.