AmeriSus announces a super efficient touch dimming switch as the latest addition to its popular Conturrent™ lighting system.  The switch is an example of design simplicity less than 1/2″ thin using high-tech circuity that works with proprietary Radix™ technology allowing for a switch with absolutely no moving parts.

Donna Kamps, AmeriSus CEO, described the new switch as “a leap forward in technology for home electrical  products that brings the industry one step further out of the dark ages of clunky mechanical hardware to that of advanced circuitry managing electrical systems.”

Last year Amerisus introduced Conturrent lighting as a breakthrough in fixed lighting for residential construction.  Most homes have lighting that has been designed to function in an AC (alternating current) world.  The power companies send electricity to your neighborhood which shows up as AC power requiring wiring and hardware that is overly robust to do something as simple as light up a room. That hardware needs to be rugged to handle life-threatening AC power. Conturrent takes everything down a notch eliminating all that hardware and the many code required protections (for AC) as a result of using low voltage DC.   Just like computers that now run on a few volts DC the lamps used in a Conturrent system use so little power they can be lit with something as small as a transistor battery.

You don’t need a fire hydrant to supply water to brush your teeth, why use high voltage to do simple lighting?

Conturrent eliminates hundreds of pounds of bulky and expensive hardware that are a required part of most lighting installations and handles the entire system (as many as 180 recessed lamps) using low voltage direct current (DC) that is safe, simple and code compliant.  The amount of product that is eliminated is significant so that a  builder can deliver a more efficient system and at the same time save at least $2,000 on each new home.  For production builders with volume in the thousands that’s $2-3 million saved per thousand homes all going directly to the bottom-line.  It is significant financial savings like this that lead to the adaptation of new technologies.

The new Conturrent touch switch is less than 1/2 inch thin and has no moving parts.  It has LED’s that light up the touch areas and are visible in the dark.  The switch senses your touch providing 0- 100% dimming for the system’s Conturrent LED lamps.  (One should note that just like the thin touch switch, full size Conturrent recessed lamps are less than an inch thin and can fit where other lights cannot.)  On the back-side of each switch is a terminal block with screws for simple wire connections.  Multi switch installations such as 3-way, 4-way or more are no problem as one switch does it all.

For more information visit the Conturrent website

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