The Basic Pieces

The Basic Pieces

Just as cell phone camera’s have put a huge dent in the camera business AmeriSus expects its new Conturrent™ lighting system to have a similar impact on the traditional recessed lighting market.  It is hard to find fault with a product that delivers more features, cost less and can take claim for not only being more efficient but also the most sustainable fixed lighting system in existence by using a fraction of the materials used in traditional systems.

The system is pronounced “Con-turrent” and it is an derived from the term CONTrolled cURRENT which is exactly what it does.   Being an LED lighting system is the only thing it has in common with every other approaches to fixed lighting.

Residential and commercial systems can have as many as 180 LED lamps running off of one dedicated 15 amp circuit.  Whole home systems start at under $1,500.  Stand-by power and solar back-up features are also available.

For starters each Conturrent system has a control panel that feeds low DC voltage circuits for lamps and switches throughout the house.  Unlike traditional AC lighting where step-down electronics at each light waste energy turning AC voltage to DC the Conturrent system does it once with everything downstream comprised of smaller safer components.  Wires as thin as spaghetti are easier to handle and more flexible that traditional AC copper conductors.  Because the entire system is low voltage there’s no need for large metal cans above the ceiling.  Conturrent’s lamps are made of aircraft grade aluminum with the housing, LED’s, lens and trim being one solid piece.  At less than a half-inch in thickness they can be installed most anywhere including attics, basements and finished ceilings where available space is limited.

System material costs for a typical home save thousands of dollars, reduce labor and deliver a truly high-tech solution.  Amerisus will be adding additional products and features to the Conturrent line.

Visit the Conturrent website to learn more.  You can order Conturrent components or complete systems of different sizes in Ready Pack™ setups where an entire home system can be mailed to your project in one small box.  How’s that for the most sustainable approach in lighting that eliminates a truckload of materials. (more)