Penns Park, PA – March 30, 2015 – Last week’s get together for suppliers and builders at the Atlantic Builders Convention held each year in Atlantic City proved quite worthwhile for those looking for something new and different in the field of lighting. It isn’t that often where one can find a better approach for a lesser price.

AmeriSus, an up and coming innovator in home construction technologies, presented its recently launched Conturrent™ fixed lighting system as a “Game Changer” for how homes and offices get outfitted when it comes to fixed lighting.


The Conturrent system powers an entire home’s fixed lighting from one small control panel that delivers low voltage, low amperage DC (direct current) power to super efficient LED lamps. Since the system runs on safe low voltage it eliminates many of the costly items that are required in traditional 120 Volt AC installations.

Most LED lamps have extra electronics in the form of internal or external step-down transformers that convert AC to DC to power LED’s. A home with 50 recessed lights, as an example, would have 50 of these devices wasting energy and generating heat (which reduces LED life). The Conturrent system skips that step and as a result can we wired with less copper (wire thinner than speaker wire) while also eliminating the bulky above ceiling metal lamp housings (one for each lamp) and expensive ARC-fault breakers which are required for 120V AC.  The Conturrent lighting system reduces installation time and costs delivering a lighting solution that is unmatched.

With the Builders convention at the Jersey shore one could not help but hear stories about super storm Sandy and extended power outages which are frequent occurrences along the coast. That subject became an opportunity for the Conturrent team to describe their low cost approach for getting a home’s lighting system entirely off the grid using solar power and battery storage. “For less than $1,000 we can put in place a solar lighting option that provides all your lighting for free, from the sun, night and day.

“This Game Changing approach to lighting became commercial last fall after test results in demo homes demonstrated its superiority over standard fixed lighting methodologies. Besides all the savings it truly is a more sustainable approach eliminating hundreds of pounds of items that need not be consumed,” said Riley Teranzano Director of Projects. The system is now available at the AmeriSus Plus e-commerce site with new features and options being added regularly. “What is exciting is the growing level of repeat business seen from builders and subcontractors showing that once they’ve tried Conturrent lighting there’s no going back to the the old standard approach.”

AmeriSus provides Whole Home Packages to builders nationwide that allow for the construction of smaller, super-efficient, sustainable homes via the AmeriSus Ready Build™ system. AmeriSus handles all the front end work including design, product specification, procurement and logistics so that a builder and local crew can put an affordable high-value eco-home in place in ten weeks. Larger builders see this cookie-cutter approach as a way to improve their metrics smaller builders see it as a way to do more with less people. In either case it results in less waste, better building economics, improved value and a differentiated end-product.