Wealth Creation in a Flat Housing Market

In the late 1960’s the word for the future was “plastics” – now that word is – Cottages

Living in an AmeriSus Eco-cottage you can cut your monthly housing costs in half and put what you don’t spend on housing into a liquid investment that might actually increase in value.

Why send tons of money to a mortgage company when you can send some of it to an investment account?

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One way to save money on housing is to buy a smaller house. An even better way to save is to build one of our Liberty Eco-cottages so that you can combine the low purchase price of a new AmeriSus home with a low operating cost year after year.

Our Liberty Series Eco-cottages are like our larger homes in terms of energy efficiency and value and they all include appliances and a broad selection of high-end features and finishes. If you don’t need all that much space then these cottages can be just right for your needs. Our AmeriSus Eco-cottage kits provide everything except the foundation & construction labor with cottage sizes ranging from 320 to 1250 square feet. Pricing starts at less than $40,000.

If you need a builder to pull it all together just ask!