ADU Pricing

ADU Pricing Transparency with AmeriSus Let’s Talk #’s If you are considering a cottage home or granny flat you should start with realistic handle on cost We provide complete kits that include structure, systems, fixtures & finishes to build a ready to occupy ADU. All you add is labor – yours or a local contractor. Let’s talk. […]

Time Matters

You can build a house like time doesn’t matter Or, you can build with AmeriSus and save money Here’s just one example of how the products we provide save time and money Take a Look AmeriSus Whole Home Kits provide everything a builder needs to complete a fantastic eco-home™ or eco-cottage™ quickly & more profitably. […]

Kick Out

It’s the Digital Era – Everything is Changing More Women Buying Homes & Pushing the Limits Kick Out the High Cost of Living with an Amerisus Eco-Home™ Lower monthly housing costs in an AmeriSus Eco-home™ can be life changing.  Kick Out of the norm. Take 5 minutes to call or email and get started down […]

Behind Closed Doors

Sometimes what’s behind closed doors is just as imprtant. When builder’s say “this is the kitchen we provide” maybe it is time to Consider AmeriSus and “get the kitchen you want” Call us for more information about how we balance quality, value and efficiency so that builder’s can deliver a superior home at an attractive price.   […]

Jefferson Cottage

Just as President Jefferson took office after President Adams our Jefferson cottage comes after and adds a second floor to our Adams cottage. Same ground floor with 1 bedroom & bath with the addition of a second level that can be configured as a 2nd bedroom with bath or simply as a loft for entertainment, […]

Washington Cottage

Household demographics have changed dramatically with more single occupant households than ever before. At the same time people’s incomes have not increased at the same rate as the other costs one incurs each month. Whether it be energy, healthcare, education, insurance, transportation or taxes is seems that these costs only know one direction. That’s why […]

Comfy Cottage

At just over 1050 square feet this delightful 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home earned the name Comfy Cottage simply because everyone that sees it ends up describing how comfortable life would be living in this house in the mountains or on a quiet lane off of Main Street. This cottage can fit almost anywhere and […]

Bigger Cottage

At just over 1200 square feet this home is the largest of our cottage series. Although it has one less bedroom than the Comfy Cottage many of the rooms are larger, there’s a bit more closet space, a laundry center and it includes a 2nd floor sitting area. Like all AmeriSus homes super energy efficiency […]