The Ready Pack™ Eco-Cottage™

Detached Single Family Cottage Affordable for Everyone We’ve created another 1st for the home building industry. An entire kit Eco-Cottage™ that is delivered to your site for easy and quick construction.  Everyone has become a handyman these days and we have the product if you have the skill. For those less ambitious our kits can be constructed by […]

Why Follow When You Can Lead !

Last year we predicted oil would sink below $40 per barrel – It hit $38 today. We also predicted gold would sink below $1200 – right again! Our Social Impact Income Fund continues to give participants 10% guaranteed – while the stock market (DOW) is down 6.5% over the last year. AmeriSus homes and products have seen […]

Jefferson Cottage

Just as President Jefferson took office after President Adams our Jefferson cottage comes after and adds a second floor to our Adams cottage. Same ground floor with 1 bedroom & bath with the addition of a second level that can be configured as a 2nd bedroom with bath or simply as a loft for entertainment, […]

Bigger Cottage

At just over 1200 square feet this home is the largest of our cottage series. Although it has one less bedroom than the Comfy Cottage many of the rooms are larger, there’s a bit more closet space, a laundry center and it includes a 2nd floor sitting area. Like all AmeriSus homes super energy efficiency […]

Madison Cottage

Simple, functional & feature packed. 750 sq. ft. of living space. Large open living area. One terrific home – you actually don’t need anything else. [half]We can’t think of a simpler home that is more functional and feature packed than our Madison cottage. More and more people live alone or as couples without kids yet […]