Round 15 Social Impact Income Fund

Kicks Off January 2, 2019

10 % APR

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How Do I Participate

Round 15

What’s it all about?

AmeriSus clients are predominantly small builders creating exciting projects in towns all across America. Although the home construction market has rebounded aspects of project financing remain problematic especially for the soft and front-end costs associated with small projects.
That’s where our Social Impact Income Fund (SIIF) fills the void.
We provide monies for the upfront soft costs in projects where we have a supply role and where the builder has a defined exit which is a buyer or tenant in place.
When the home is completed and sold to an owner AmeriSus gets paid and those funds are used to payback SIIF participants.
Our Social Impact Income Fund origins are not that different from everything else we have tackled at AmeriSus where we figured: “if it makes sense; “let’s go for it”
Our 15th round of funding will be offering a 10 % return.
We offer Certificates of Participation (COP’s) because they are the least complicated way for the program to work.
We say our approach has Social Impact because it actually helps get affordable eco-housing in place for everyday families in city after city.
Note that the COP’s are not notes or securities and their purchase does not extend any ownership rights to the buyer.
The payment to the Buyer via the automatic Buyback Agreement is an enforceable legal contract.
Read more here and to download our Social Impact Income Fund Application / Agreement (one page) follow this Link
Here’s some Q&A’s that might be useful.
Any other questions just call 267 564-5724 and say you are interested in making a Social Impact.