The AmeriSus City Benefits™ program is an economic engine that cities can rev-up to help combat shrinking revenues and budgetary shortfalls.
Nearly every town has a handful of properties that are sitting idle. In many urban locations vacant and underutilized land is abundant. Unfortunately, few builders or developers are interested in improving small scattered lots because their approach to building doesn’t make it worthwhile to be involved in scattered small projects.
AmeriSus created a way for local builders to work more efficiently and more profitably which paves the way for creating small, attractive, affordable eco-homes on such properties and even replacing worn-out homes in highly desirable locations.
We’ve gone one step further creating a program called City Benefits which rewards cities that encourage builders to build AmeriSus homes. AmeriSus will contribute approximately $2,500 per home to the general budget of cities where an AmeriSus eco-home is put in place. Get a nice new house on an empty lot near Main Street and you just earned $2,500 for the city. Get 10 built as a cottage neighborhood and you have created $25k of revenue.
Donna Kamps, the company’s CEO explained how this came about:
“We started AmeriSus because we saw too many people spending an inordinate amount of their monthly income on housing. Such a large expense left precious little for all the other monthly expenses. To tackle that situation affordable housing became the single item that offered the greatest opportunity for improving savings. Spend less on your house each month and you end up with more money in the bank – pretty simple! We’ve always felt that saving money was like dieting. Once you start figuring out how to reduce your weight the process becomes easier and easier. And once you see that you can actually start putting money in the bank each month that process becomes easier and downright fun. The problem we saw was there was that few firms were creating affordable housing for the everyday guy or gal on the street. So, back in 2009 we started a housing business.
We designed smaller homes and a unique way to build them so that in the end they would cost less to purchase and significantly less to heat & cool. That has resulted in owners using less of their monthly income for housing while producing new found savings to be used to pay down debt and begin to grow a nest-egg. This model is the “do-it-yourself” pathway out of economic helplessness for all demographic segments and now we have young graduates, divorced parents and empty nesters moving into our homes and the savings they enjoy simply can’t be beat compared to other housing opportunities.
An AmeriSus home not only saves the home owner money year after year, but it brings new economies of scale to builders by increasing their productivity and profitability through a process that cannot be matched by traditional builder methodologies.
After we created such a great tool for builders we asked ourselves if there might be a way to help the towns where our homes could be located. Every day the news has stories about communities having to cut back on important services as a result of reduced revenue so we focused on that problem.”
City Benefits provides a means for towns to do something about their budgetary woes while also providing much needed affordable housing. The more creative participating towns can become in encouraging support for AmeriSus home creation the more quickly they can experience the positive financial impact of this program.
AmeriSus homes conform to the national building codes and fit within most residential zoning requirements so that they have a high level of acceptability. Their attractiveness enables them to be desirable for most any neighborhood and unlike large housing built for families AmeriSus homes have a nominal impact on community services.
AmeriSus supplies builders nationwide with eco-homes in kit form providing a single source solution delivering a completely integrated “Whole Home Kit Package” that includes design, engineering, schedule, systems integration as well as procurement of materials, products and appliances with logistics optimized so everything is delivered to the job site in a just-in-time fashion. By engaging local labor AmeriSus creates high-value super-efficient eco-homes in as little as ten weeks with builders focusing ion what they do best – actually building.
The AmeriSus recently launched Eco-Cottage program has brought national partners to the table to help create attractive new Eco-Cottages that can sell for less than $100k including the land. That’s a mortgage payment that’s not much different than some car payments and everyone knows a child, sibling or parent who could benefit from those economics.
The AmeriSus City Benefits contribution is based upon home size (the smaller the home the larger the contribution $1500 to $2500 range).
Click on this link to view a printable City Benefits registration form. Fill it out and send it back and your community will be on its way to building housing that pays dividends for creating the housing product that every town needs.