is the name of our Home Eco Lease Program and it also describes what we provide to people that are looking for a way to get into our homes without all the hassles of traditional mortgage financing.

The American Dream is Where You Live not How You Pay for It

How Does HELP Work?

Think auto leasing.

When you lease a new vehicle you typically pay an upfront charge, have monthly payments and have the use of the car for a set term. During that time you are responsible for insurance, fuel & maintenance. What is attractive about leasing is that the cost is less than what you would pay if you were purchasing the vehicle outright.

AmeriSus has applied that concept to its homes so that builders can sign-up a buyer or even an occupant for a five year term and deliver a brand new home financed via lease. It doesn’t require a huge downpayment as with a mortgage and the process is quick and easy.

A typical HELP lease will have monthly payments that are 10-15% less than what one would expect with a traditional 30 year mortgage. That savings can mean the difference between struggling with a tight budget each month and living more comfortably with housing costs that are manageable.

Since HELP is only available through AmeriSus the icing on the cake is that one can also expect to see sizable savings on heating and air conditioning bills because of the exceptional energy efficiency that comes standard in all of our homes. That’s more money saved each month.

What If?

If you are fresh out of school and into your first job HELP may be a way that allows you to get into new housing while putting money into savings each month.

If you are older and downsizing HELP combined with a new AmeriSus home can deliver the features and value you are accustomed to without tying up large amounts of cash on a new purchase.

If you are in an apartment and the rent keeps going up HELP can lock you into a fixed monthly lease payment for the next five years.

If you don’t know where you might be headed but don’t want to be tied down HELP provides a way to enjoy a high value home without being stuck with the problem of selling it when you want to relocate. A lease termination fee, just like auto leasing, solves the problem.

What Do We Think?

Home ownership over the last decade has not been a good investment for most people. Some experts say we will not see significant appreciation in housing for many years. It doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to put what often is one’s life savings into an investment that will see a nominal upside.

Perhaps remaining liquid with money in the bank and modest housing costs while enjoying all the benefits of a single-family home is the smarter choice.

Everyone’s situation is different and just like political topics everyone has a different opinion. At AmeriSus we believe that HELP is the right solution for many.