Cap & Save™

When the government and energy companies started talking about trading carbon credits as commodities they coined the phrase “Cap & Trade”.

That got us thinking about a name for our own program of guarantying the superior level of energy efficiency for all our homes. As a result we called it Cap & Save and that’s exactly what it does.

Our standard homes without any upgrades or options are wildly efficient when it comes to energy use for heating & cooling. Compared to new Energy Star homes typically built by large builders, our homes use half the energy that their new efficient homes will use.

At first we thought we could simply talk about how great our homes were. But these days everyone talks a good story. Then we thought about creating glossy brochures describing the heating & cooling systems with all the details and technical terms. That would just be more confusing. As a last option we considered getting consultants to study our homes and issue some form of certification that says “these homes are really efficient” but to do that would mean passing on the cost to buyers when we were trying to lower those costs. That’s one step forward and one step backward.

Instead we opted for something everyone could understand. Cap & Save puts a reasonable Cap on any of our homes HVAC energy use based upon computer modeling of the home’s efficiency. If at any time over the home’s first 5 years that energy use goes over the Cap we will pay the overage which allows the homeowner to Save rather than incur additional expense.

Some would describe that as: “putting your money where your mouth is”