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If you are in the market for wood cabinets or solid surface countertops, door hardware or more then skip that trip to the local supplier or big box store and order from AmeriSus Plus.


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Builders and homeowners like the products we use in our homes and they especially like the bargain pricing we offer.

Housing materials, systems, products & finishes are changing now more than ever as manufacturers bring new items to market that improve constructability, energy efficiency, durability, quality and value. marketplace has changed since the recession and much of the infrastructure that was in place to get products to builders has been reduced in scope and capability. How often have you heard, “We don’t stock that”? The suppliers that have survived are working under different economic models where inventories are lean and new or different products are often special order items. That supply chain hiccup often places additional delay in a builder’s schedule and often keeps builders stuck using tried and true items rather than going to something that might actually be better.

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