Cap & Save ™

AmeriSus was the first company to back up energy efficiency claims with hard cash with our Cap & Save program. While other builders might talk about energy ratings and certifications AmeriSus pays your utility bill if your energy use is higher than expected.


City Benefits ™

AmeriSus has always been keenly focused on creating smaller super efficient sustainable homes that look great, are feature-filled and affordable for everyone.

What town wouldn’t want more of that?

Our City Benefits program was the first national program created to produce revenue (an actual cash payment) for cities that support the building of eco-homes and eco-cottages.



We’ve come out of the great recession yet it seems like most everyone still needs a bit of HELP when it comes to housing. That’s why AmeriSus was the first company to create a unique financial product, our Home Eco Leasing Program that helps people get into a new Eco-Home for significantly less that what is required with a traditional mortgage.