Whole Home Kit Pricing

The chart below gives a ball-park price for a complete Whole Home Package which includes structure, utilities, finishes & appliances all delivered to the job site allowing for the builder to complete the home ready for occupancy. A lot has changed since Spring 2021 below, and we work hard to deliver the best pricing and deliverability despite price increases & logistics issues.

As a simple ballpark guide apply a 25% increase to the #’s shown below.

Pricing is based on the AmeriSus standard specification which provides the best balance between material/product quality and cost ultimately resulting in the best buy package in any marketplace.

So What’s that Pre Sq. Ft. ?

One of the least meaningful metrics for new home pricing is the $ per square foot number. It is like asking the per wheel price of a new car where the vehicle could be a low-cost econo-box or high-end sports-car.

Never-the-less, in order to provide a guide for our Whole Home kits see the chart below. Our kits average about $90 per square foot. That price can go up or down depending on customer product selections that deviate higher or lower from the AmeriSus standard specification.

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Note: For the last 12 years kit pricing at AmeriSus has stayed pretty much the same more often going down each year as our procurement and logistics capability improved. That focus of delivering Whole Home kits that were BFC (Better, Faster & Cheaper) came to a halt with the advent of COVID where cheaper than the year before became impossible. Suppliers have universally raised wholesale pricing for nearly every item going into a new home with some items have actually more than doubled in price. That said the AmeriSus still remains the best buy in any marketplace.

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