The Best ADU Delivery Machine

Like everything in life there's the easy way and the hard way.

Don't get stuck doing the latter. Let Amerisus make things Easy!

Attractive & Affordable

Full featured with quality materials creating the absolute best value/price ratio.

Simple to Build 

We make it simple for professional builders and weekend warriors tackling garage-sized projects.

Expanded Eco-Cottage


ADU's Done Simply


Pick a Model

Select any of our eight ADU models based on design, size or price and you are on your way to the start of an exciting project with a purpose. 

Identify all Costs

Work with us to identify ADU features & options along with additional site development and labor costs 

Lock in Funding 

With a clear quantified plan in hand evaluate funding options to determine the best project financing approach.

Get Approvals

By this time you know what you want and how you will pay for it. Time to pass this by the local authorities for approval.

Project Implementation 


You've contracted with AmeriSus and now is the time to put that foundation in pace while ADU SIP walls are being manufactured 


Along with the foundation you need to bring electric, water & sewer to the ADU. 

ADU Structure

Your first AmeriSus delivery brings all the components for assembling a secure, weather-tight ADU shell. That work can be done in only a few days. 


Over the coming weeks a series of deliveries will bring everything needed to finish your ADU making it ready for occupancy. 

Making it Easier

Supply & Logistics 

Our logistics team is the best in the nation when it comes to building supplies with numerous facilities and hundreds of associates in each state ensuring true "just-in-time" capability.

Design Choices

We're selling attractive fully outfitted apartment-sized homes not modular boxes. The features and options are numerous and they can be selected to satisfy your desires.

Install Services

Whether you are a builder or tackling an ADU by yourself we can provide bonded & insured experts to handle nearly any aspect of construction that you might not want to tackle. And we guaranty all that work.

Revenue Stream

Whether you rent out your ADU or downsize & rent your larger home the economic benefits can be life changing.

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We Really Want to Talk with You; but

Everything we do at AmeriSus is focused on BFC - that's Better - Faster - Cheaper

That includes keeping staff productive on projects without interruption.

You can't do two things at once and expect perfection.

For that reason your tele call to us will go to voicemail .

We respond to all calls & emails in a reasonably prompt manner.