Cottage Neighborhoods

Stop at an established McMansion neighborhood your next free Saturday and look for the interaction amongst neighbors. Chance are it will be hard to find. Big houses on big lots create space & distance the typically isolates one family from another. 

Our eco-cottages and ADU’s when built in mass to create a cottage neighborhood bring households together with a closeness that has, to an extent, disappeared in many new communities while at the same time providing the privacy of a stand-alone home.

Talk to us about the savings that can be achieved by building multiple structures.

And You Thought Vinyl was Retro 

Sometimes things from the past turn out to be just right for today. Vinyl records are having a huge comeback because their un-compressed sound is desirable.  Cruiser bikes with fat tires are again popular at the beach. Fashion styles….we won’t go there because theist is always returning. Neighborhoods comprised of small new homes hit the hot button of nearly every population segment looking for stand-alone housing that won’t bust the monthly budget. 

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