Work Should Be Fun

We work hard to make it that way


We’re constantly growing and always looking for good people. Tell us about yourself there might be a fit somewhere.


Our compensation is the best in the business.

Quality of Life

Good work is important. Good life is more important. If you can balance it out everyone should be happy.

Job Descriptions

Did you ever find a job description that was a perfect match to your background and experience? So you sent in a resume & heard nothing. Or maybe you got an email confirming how they understood you could walk on water but water-walking didn’t fit with their needs. We don’t go that route. Neither should you. Waste of time.

One of things we do best is manage data. We’ve built one of the best tools in the industry for keeping track of millions of parts going to job sites around the country.  Keeping track of a handful of resumes each week is kid’s play by comparison.

Here’s the deal. Take a look at our website and what we do. If it is of interest and you think your skills might fit send us your resume. We’ll review it, file it in our database and we probably won’t call you back. But, whenever we have a job opening we’ll go to the database first and maybe that will result in your getting a call.

Email your resume to:


Talk about a crazy word in these times. How many people can plan on a career at any company? Hiring, firing, layoffs, crazy bosses, relocations, more kids, absurd hours, bad co-workers, crummy raises, boring assignments, dump of an office, slave labor – the list is endless.

We make no promises about a career. But we can a promise that everyone has fun, the work is interesting & challenging, your contribution will be appreciated and appropriately rewarded.

The bulk of our team have had a few careers and AmeriSus was their last stop along the way. Others started out here in their first job. Whether young or old everyone seems to like working at AmeriSus.

Most all of our people work from home. We are a virtual company with no offices, warehouses or retail facilities. Our work includes: operations, administration, accounting, design, procurement, scheduling, logistics, process engineering, data management and more. If you might fit send us an email. .