AmeriSus Whole Home Kit

Our builder clients call us the “House in a box Outfit“

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That’s Because We Provide Nearly Everything Needed

Here’s What’s Included in an AmeriSus Whole Home Kit Package

Sill Plate – Header Joists – Rim Boards – Joist Hangers – Floor Joists – Sub Flooring – SIP Panels – Misc. Lumber – Exterior Wall Wrap – Window & Door Wrap – Windows – Pre-Hung Exterior Doors – Door Hardware – Interior Wall Framing – Ceiling Joists – Roof Trusses – Roof Sheathing – Ice Barrier – Roof Underlayment – Shingles – Ridge Vents

Exterior Siding – Siding Trim – Soffit & Trim – Window Trim – Shutters – Deck Boards – Deck Railing

Load Center (Breaker Box) – Breakers – Wire Connectors – Wire – Electrical Boxes – Switches – Outlets – GFI’s – Faceplates – Conturrent Lighting – Lamps – Interior Lights – Exterior Lights – Fire & CO2 Detectors

PEX Manifold – PEX Connectors – PEX Piping – Sinks – Tubs – Showers – Faucets – Drains – Garbage Disposal – Exterior Hose Bibs – Refrigerator Ice Connection – Washer Connection – Dryer Exhaust & Exterior Vent

HVAC System – Hot Water Heater – Bath Exhaust – Kitchen Exhaust

Wood Flooring – Vinyl Flooring – Carpeting – Paint Interior Primer – Paint Interior Wall & Ceiling – Pre-Hung Interior Doors – Door Hardware – Baseboard Moulding – Door & Window Casing – Interior Stairs – Stair Railing – Closet Shelving

There are a few items not provided as a part of the AmeriSus Whole Home Kit they inclue:

  • The Land
  • Site Development & Landscaping
  • House Foundation Below Sill Plate (this can be a slab, crawl space foundation, full basement, elevated on pilings)
  • Utilities to the Point of In-House Distribution
  • Utilities after drains & traps
  • Structural Support for Exterior Porch, Deck & Exterior Stairs
  • Wallboard
  • Gutters & Downspouts
  • Basic Fasteners (screws & nails)
  • Fire Sprinkler System

AmeriSus structures fall into two general categories: Homes and Cottages (which include ADU’s over garages)

A typical Home package will include roughly 28 deliveries over 10 – 14 weeks depending on home size and complexity.

A typical Cottage will have 4 deliveries over 8 weeks; for shell, balance of structure, cabinetry & appliances.

Maybe What You Need is Here


Maybe It Might Show Up at Your Project

Then Again, Maybe It Won’t

Why Pay Premium Material Prices for Products That Show Up Late ?

Thousands of parts orchestrated as a single plan.

Specified to be right for each house.

Purchased in volume at discount.

Delivered on time to meet schedule.

High in value for a better home.

The end-result is a home than can be built BFC – Better – Faster – Cheaper (in cost not quality)

Builders all over America are looking for ways to deliver a better client experience.  AmeriSus helps them achieve that goal.

Call us with any questions or to discuss your next project. Busy during the day, send an email at night.

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