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The World’s Most Sustainable Lighting System

Conturrent™ from AmeriSus

One panel controls LED lighting inside and out using simple low-voltage DC

A system that can power 150 LED lamps from a single electric outlet

No thick AC wires, No recessed metal cans, No clumsy switches & No replacement bulbs

The most affordable system to install and the least costly to operate

Save $2,000 in lighting costs on an average new home.


The ultimate in simplicity, energy savings, sustainability and practicality. Easy to use. Easy to install. Save thousands of dollars on each home installation.


Lamps that require no metal cans or electrical boxes. Switches thinner than a pencil connected with wire just as thin.


Something so radically different surely raises a few questions especially when the industry has been doing the same thing for decades. A Conturrent lighting system is so much more than just LED lighting.

Conturrent Savings Potential Goes Wild in New McMansion Development

Just when you think you have seen a most spectacular home someone comes up with one that’s bigger and more grandiose.

That’s what happened when we stopped in to see a new housing development nearby with homes that are outfitted to the max.

There were more recessed lamps than you could imagine and we calculated how thousands of dollars could have been saved by installing a Conturrent lighting system and how thousands of pounds of traditional lighting materials could have been eliminated.  That’s sustainability.

160 Recessed LED Lamps on one 15A circuit – Piece of Cake with Conturrent

Just think about the savings in time and materials

Make your next install more profitable

Summer Power Outages NO PROBLEM for Conturrent Systems with Standby Power

Try that with conventional lighting systems!

The most Sustainable Fixed Lighting System

with the absolute BEST Return on Investment

See Why a Conturrent System is So Different

Why wait five years or more for a R.O.I. when you can experience unmatched savings now?

Compare a traditional system to Conturrent

One Box This Size


System Control Panel,  40 – LED lamps, 12 Soft-Touch Variable Switches, 2,000 ft of wire

No Kid


Different Sized Ready Packs Shipped to Your Job

Finally a Totally Different Approach to Lighting

There is no need for heavy-duty equipment just to light up a room or a house.

Conturrent makes it simple using less energy and considerably less materials.

All powered by low-voltage DC electricity

Have a READY PACK Sent to your next Project

Theres a lot of waste happening with traditional LED lighting


Big tin cans above the ceiling, steel support brackets, armored cable, metal junction boxes,

ill fitting trim rings, difficult springs and retention clips, replacement bulbs and lots of heavy copper wire.

A Conturrent System skips all of that making Great Lighting Simple

One Control Panel, wire thinner than speaker wire and lamps that look like saucers.

Almost as thin an iphone - fits everywhere

Cast Aluminum Lamps nearly as thin as an iPhone

The best lighting system for residential is even better for the office.

A new office with 70 LED lamps all on one 15A circuit

Builders, Electricians and Remodelers are Amazed asking:

Why Didn’t Someone Think of this Before?

A Conturrnet™ Lighting System for your next new home project or remodeling job can

cut your installation cost in half and double your profits while allowing you to be the low cost provider.

Fixed-Lighting is What’s Happening in Lighting Today

Conturrent is Setting the Benchmark for Tomorrow

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Conturrent™ lighting a Big Hit at Atlantic Builders Convention (read more)

A lighting system so remarkable we gave it a new name.

It  Controls Current in fixed lighting by doing more with less; a lot less.

Allowing you to save in new construction and remodeling at every step of your project.

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Consaucerwhiteturrent lighting uses low voltage direct current so that the costly and cumbersome materials traditionally used in lighting installations are totally eliminated.  Metal cans above the ceiling (gone), heavy copper wiring (not in our system), breakers for numerous circuits (a thing of the past).  Conturrent eliminates hundreds of pounds costly materials and eliminated dozens of installation man-hours resulting in a attractive pricing for your customers and improved profitability.

SwitchCropW2 Conturrent sets a new standard for every aspect of your fixed lighting project with fewer resources consumed, less materials transported to the job site, fewer man hours for installation and less energy consumed year after year.

Best news yet is that a Conturrent system cost less to install and saves more energy than any other lighting approach.

Call us for more information or place an order today by going to the AmeriSus Plus e-commerce site.

Become part of what’s new in lighting now.

Download an Excel project cost sheet to calculate a system price.

ConCPFWWWturrent Lighting is the lighting system of the future; and it is here today.

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