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Living in an Emergent Era High Tech Data Management is Eliminating Jobs Left & Right
Home Construction is one of the nation’s biggest jobs creator.

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Local Labor

Unlike modular homes made in some factory & shipped to the job site AmeriSus homes are all constructed by local labor. We work with our builder customers to scope out the homes they will be building then put together a Whole Home Package that gets shipped to the project site where the builder’s team can put it all together. Framers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and all the others involved are typically comprised of local craftsman wanting to do a bang-up job in their community. Word of mouth on a excellent project is the best form of advertising.


Our returning military personnel make some of the best employees. They have been trained and have demonstrated an admirable level of professionalism and commitment to the tasks they are assigned. Most locations where there exists a need for affordable housing there also exists a cadre of veterans eager to become involved in a skilled occupation that can make for a permanent, well-paid career. Building AmeriSus homes can indeed be the means to that end. We and our suppliers are open to working with organizations and communities that want to help vets build new careers.


The construction of a new home is no longer the banging together of some boards as the product has become very technical requiring considerably more knowledge than what might be attained by hiring the lowest price available subcontractor..  Whether you build a few homes each year or dozens having a crew that’s trained to follow the Ready Build approach is one sure way to increase volume, reduce waste and have everything done right the first time.

Don’t hesitate contacting us if you are interested in a training program.


Industry experts speak loudly about the shortage of construction labor with he skills to get the job done properly. At Amerisus we envision a new way of building where process and schedule drive the project at fast-track speed where crews can go from job to job. This approach to the business, on a regional basis, would allow “build teams” to be trained to a level of sufficiency where they could be dispatched to job sites for build-out durations where the savings generated would support travel and accommodations while away from home.

After 1CPP what happens in 2018

Our “Thousand Cottage Placement Program” will fine-tune the process of building eco-cottages everywhere in mass.

Using all that will be learned we will put in place a permanent national program for creating a variety of home models.

That program will have regional centers interfacing with builders, developers & orgnizations building in that territory as well as manufacturers, suppliers, lenders, investors, training entities  and O&M organizations in those regions..

It is expected that this first of a kind endeavor will be a huge creator of jobs both administrative and field-based.

A Word About Union & Non-Union Home Construction

We fully support the concept of talented union labor working on all kinds of projects across our nation. As 2017 moves forward we see a new government attitude focusing on the repair and expansion of our country’s infrastructure. If the work that is planned and then funded actually occurs, which is far beyond the existing union work in most large cities, there will be a significant shortage of manpower.

It is hard to imagine, after many years of meager construction activity to envision both infrastructure and building construction ramping up at the same time as housing construction. Anticipating that event Amerisus will be promoting the concept of non-union labor for residential projects. Above and beyond potential manpower shortages, the model for union labor in housing no loner fits.

One wouldn’t hire a brain surgeon to treat a sprained ankle. Or an Nascar mechanic to rotate the tires on one’s car. Union workers, with benefits and all add-ons end up costing $1,000 per day. You can’t build affordable housing with those kind of labor rates.

At the same time we have millions of people wanting to work where with some training they could become part of a new home construction cadre where a decent labor rate would not be overly burdensome to any new home project and the end result would be more people to work, less people on subsidies and thousdands of new homes that people could afford.

Simplistic. Yes. Doable. Yes. – Unlike government groups that can’t work together, the nation’s builders need to implement a better way.

We’re Putting the Squeeze on Excess Costs in Housing

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