Unique Features

The materials, systems, products & finishes that are all component parts of an AmeriSus Eco-Home or Eco-Cottage are all of high quality  and value purposefully selected by our team of professionals.

But, above and beyond the physical items there is a wealth of technology and experience that goes into making it all come together to produce the desired end product.


Our designs are selected to look great yet be easy to construct which reduces cost in both materials & labor.


A “nice design” engineered properly can yield huge benefits in cost & efficiency as well improving durability.


Our buying decisions are made to make  your project better as opposed to making our bottom line more profitable.


Amerisus homes are designed and engineered for improved constructability reducing labor and improving durability..


How a home operates now and in the future is just as important as how it looks the day it is first occupied.

Components You See & Those Your Don’t

Go visit a model home. Walk into the living area like that shown here. It is easy to evaluate the items that are visible such as windows, flooring, cabinets and appliances.

What you do not see from such an inspection are all the items that can lead to future problems.

  • What about the floor joists & sub flooring? Will the floor squeak a few years from now.
  • What about the sheetrock? Will changes in the stud walls create nail pops in six months?
  • The windows seem energy efficient what about the heating system?
  • Gorgeous cabinets but will the foil finish deteriorate unlike solid wood?

The list is near endless regarding components and unique features.

We like to think that everything we provide is for a purpose and then an appearance.

So many others in building focus on appearance without a thought about purpose.

Read more details about some of the unique features of an AmeriSus home.

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