An Amerisus home built with our Ready Build system can reduce a builder’s costs by  20-30% on a single home.

Greater savings can be realized when building multiple homes

We expect 1CPP to pave the way for a 50% reduction in construction costs.

Spring is here and for many it is time to start building.

Call us to see how we can improve your business.


By reducing the cost of construction Amerisus allows a builder to earn an attractive  profit while being more competitive offering customers a lower sales price.

Our Eco-Cottage is affordable* for a couple earning minimum wage.

Think about that!

If you have a job you can now afford the American Dream.

When you are in the 24 Hour race at Le Mans you are in it to win.

We’re Creating Homes Like it Was LeMans

A New House Shouldn’t Be a Builder’s Hobby

Profitable & Affordable

1st Place Manufacturers’ Awards

“Most people say AmeriSus is in the business of creating eco-homes.
I’ve always felt our mission was to help improve household  economics
through more affordable housing.”
Charlie Kamps – AmeriSus Founder

* Affordable

Home cost (monthly mortgage or rent + utilities + taxes) being less that 35% of occupants gross income.