Better, Faster, Cheaper

To Build

All the marketing guru’s have told us that “cheaper” is the wrong term to use because it is sometimes used to describe things of inferior value. That’s for the politically correct crowd. The other definition of cheap is “an item low in price” – “worth more than it cost” and that’s what AmeriSus is all about. Our homes are the absolute best buy in the business built with outstanding materials and including features that other builders do not include or only include with a hefty option price. There’s no getting around it we’re Cheap and our people keep crunching the numbers to make AmeriSus the absolute best deal around.

Yes, everyone can track each project via computer, tablet or smart phone.

Better, Faster, Cheaper

To Own

If you are the typical small builder one of the biggest issues you must deal with is the ever increasing cost of both materials and labor. Not a month passes where a manufacturer or supplier raises prices and that increase gets passed on through the supply chain. AmeriSus buys in quantity so that we can pass on volume pricing to our builder customers. We’re not about discounts or rebates for preferred customers we pass on the savings we enjoy to everyone. Labor is also a huge costly issue and each AmeriSus home is designed for improved constructability so that each home consumes fewer man hours  with waste in labor and materials minimized. Go visit a typical construction project and see the dumpster  filled up with construction waste. That’s not free. Somebody paid for materials that ended up in the junk pile. AmeriSus homes are so frugal on waste that builders handle material waste with garbage cans instead.