What’s Happening in Housing ?

The bulk of what has been built over the past 5 years as been expensive multi-faimly and luxury homes.

Affordable housing as a market segment has largely been ignored.

That which has been built has been constrained by funding, lengthy process and community resistance.

Now, in 2017, changes in government would seem to put many AH programs at further risk.

The homes to be built as part of 1CPP are extremely affordable.

Now is the right time for local players in the AH business to try a different approach.

Nothing can compare to 1CPP’s combined quality, cost or speed of construction.

Anyone working with budgetary constraints should consider an approach that provides a better ROI.

Why Mid-Rise Construction for Affordable Housing?            Maybe Secretary Carson is right we need to think differently.

  • It is more difficult to finance
  • It is more expensive to build
  • It takes longer to build
  • It is less sustainable
  • It is less energy efficient
  • It is more expensive to maintain
  • It offers less privacey
  • It creates less green space
  • It is more expensive for the occupant
  • It is less safe
  • It is not welcome in many communities
  • It is not the “American Dream”
Then why the heck to we keep building this problematic housing product?
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