Social impact income fund

We’ve put in place a unique approach for raising funds that help small builders move exciting home projects forward while at the same time providing attractive returns for participants.

How Do I Participate?

We’ve kept the process simple & secure

  • Download and print the blank AmeriSus Social Impact Income Fund Agreement form
  • Complete the form by adding:

Your name, address, # of COP’s & $ total purchased, # of COP’s we buyback & $ total then sign the form

  • Payment can be made by check to:


  • Send completed form & payment by mail to:

AmeriSus – SIIF  – P.O. Box 194, Penns Park, Pa 18943

That’s It!


What Will AmeriSus Do?

Your participation is without Mgmt. fees, social security #’s, 1099’s or transaction fees.

  • Upon receipt of completed form and payment we will log your participation and confirm that $ amounts match (form & check).
  • Your payment will be deposited in an AmeriSus account
  • Once payment becomes “funds available to AmeriSus” (check clears) that establishes the Effective Purchase Date (EPD) and validates the Agreement.
  • With your payment confirmed we will sign and date the Agreement which contractually confirms your purchase , the EPD and our Buyback also establishing the Date (366 days later) when a check will be sent to you at the name and address on your agreement.