Handy working with wood?

Then acrylics shoud be a snap.


Acrylic panels come in two sizes: a full sheet 120″ x 30″ or a half sheet 60″ x 30″ – We offer 10 colors.
The 30″ width allows for a 5″ backsplash to be cut off the panel
Exposed edges can be routed to various styles using a regular router.
Once edges are shaped, a sander can finish rough spots created by cutting.
Then a buffer can bring what has been sanded to a final finish.

To join panels apply the two-part adhesive to the panel edges with the 10:1 mixing gun.

Force the panels together tightly which will squeeze out any excess adhesive.

Once dry sand off the excess hardened adhesive and then buff as you did with the edges.

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