Luxury for Builders

We’ve changed the process for creating exciting, affordable super efficient housing. Industry experts call us the Game Changer.

Complete home kits that set new standards for procurement & logistics.

We’ve disrupted the building process improving the bottom-line for builders, remodelers & do-it-yourselfers

Nobody needs to tell you how home construction is complicated and getting more complex each year. We can handle the front-end so that you have more time for the back-end.

New Farmhouse Ranch

Open & Airy Main FLoor Living that that includes Vaulted Great Room with fireplace and wall of glass. A third bedroom & bath on the second floor is great for visitors.


Starter House Flipped

Stylish Contemporary meant for urban living with floor plan flipped having living areas up and bedrooms down.  (more)

AmeriSus 28 – Private

Great in the burbs or downtown as a detached single or group of attached homes. Garage and front entrance buffer living areas from street traffic.   (more)

Double Double

Two Master Bedrooms – Two Master Baths – 2nd Floor Family Room and a Total of four bedrooms. Another first from AmeriSus. (more)

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 2.46.51 PMGive Us a try so that we can become your best experience

Our primary clients are builders looking to save time and money building fantastic houses.

AmeriSus homes and services are unmatched in the housing industry.

AmeriSus has been building at the beach for quite some time.

When Super Storm Sandy hit AmeriSus was on the scene within weeks helping coastal builders create new homes.

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

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If you are a home builder we can reduce your construction cost by 30%

If you are a remodeler or do-it-yourselfer we can save you money on building products

Our national volume pricing on materials, systems and products beats the competition

Our eco-homes and eco-cottages offer tremendous value along with unmatched affordability

Planner – Developer – City or Town Administrator


Our sister company Transactionable Property Solutions has 20 years experience in turning difficult underutilized properties into community success stores. (more)

City Benefits

Our agenda is to create smaller super efficient homes that are not a burden on the community. Support our agenda and your town will get paid. (more)


Everyone’s leasing cars these days and AmeriSus started the home leasing movement. Turn a burdensome monthly mortgage payment into an easy to manage lease payment. (more)

Cap & Save

Energy prices are low now but they still are a monthly cost to be dealt with. Our homes with Cap & Save put a cap on heating & cooling costs and we pay the bill if it goes over the cap. (more)

Sustainable Materials – Labor Saving Systems – High-Value Products

Nothing compares to the AmeriSus approach for new housing in your community

Our Eco-Cottage Program is a Low Impact Smart Development Approach that can generate city income

(Call us to learn how we can hit your sweet-spot )

The Eco-Cottage™

When Amerisus started the Eco-Cottage revolution industry experts ignored the opportunity . Now it is the market segment experiencing the lagest percentage growth rate with activity in the inner city, the burbs and rural locations. Cities & builders across the nation are now enthusiasts.

A Complete Package from Structure down to the Kitchen Sink

While everyone else was playing around with McMansions and Tiny-Houses we perfected the Eco-Cottage™ as a community friendly approach to affordable housing.  Super efficient, just the right amount of space, built as a detached single providing all the benefits of a stand-alone home but half the size and a fraction of the price.  Perfect for any demographic  that turns frugality into luxury living. Great for the recent graduate, anyone single or a grandparent.

As stand alone homes built on random lots about town or built in multiples as a cottage neighborhood the Amerisus Eco-Cottage is a solution to an unaddressed need.

We call them affordable but that term is so often misconstrued. More than half the nation needs housing that is more affordable. How about your mom, you son or even your ex?


70% of the homes created by AmeriSus are custom designs.

The balance are the models found on our website or modifications of those models.
Stand alone singles, town houses, duplexes, quads and other multi-family variations,we handle them all.
Foundations can be slabs, crawl-spaces, full basements, piers or pilings.
Maximize the potential of your property with a home that is superior to the competition.

Install Your Own Solid Surface Countertops

A Better Approach

time & offer grater flexibility by being able to create most any countertop design.

A Workable Product

Cut with a saw, edge with a router, make seams disappear with sander/buffer.

Cut Out the Middleman

Save time & offer greater flexibility by being able to create most any countertop design.


The look of stone or quartz at a fraction of the cost.

Acrylic Countertops are renewable, low maintenance, stain resistant, non-porous, sanitary, repairable & clean.

A Better approach for Builders, Remodelers & DIY’ers

See colors and sizes

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 9.59.47 AM

This Cottage house plan does a good job of making a small house feel big. Exterior details are simple yet attractive. Featured in Fine Homebuilding Magazine this compact 1,687 sq. ft. 3 bedroom 2.5 bath home combines practicality and charm and would work as a vacation cabin or year round home. The 9- by 26-foot front porch is spacious enough to function as an outdoor room, expanding the house in good weather. Up two steps from the ground, it has just enough elevation to be connected to, but still feel separate from, the street. Occupying one end of the great room, the kitchen is defined by an island that includes a sink and an eating bar. The back door opens to the kitchen at the side of the house. The ground floor master suite includes a walk-in closet and a trough sink.  Upstairs the washer and dryer occupy an alcove in the hall between the two bedrooms.

Another Great AmeriSus Eco-Home

Six inch SIP walls

HERS Rating of 45

High Velocity HVAC System

Hardwood Floors

Master Bdrm & Bath on 1st Floor

Stainless Steel Appliances

1687 Sq. Ft.   3 Bedrooms  2.5 Baths  2 Floor

How Does AmeriSus Operate?

Virtual company no corporate office or warehouse
Entire workforce telecommutes from home
Ready Build™ project system entirely cloud based
Privately woman owned & managed


Social Impact Income Fund

Round 14 Now Open to Participants


Make a Social Impact by funding soft costs on builder projects where AmeriSus is the supplier

Purchase Certificates of Participation in $1,000 increments

AmeriSus instantly buys them back at an 10.5 % premium

You get paid via check in 366 days.

No online transactions – send the paperwork & payment by check

No social security #’s. No 1099’s. Easier than banking.

“I was first attracted to the unbelievable ROI but after the market collapsed and my COP’s were solid at a fixed % I truly appreciated how risk was removed from the process.”

“Social Impact investing is becoming quite popular around the globe but I wanted to be able to put my money where it could help in America. The high ROI offsets my college loan interest”

“My savings were in a money market fund and the fees and penalties were outrageous. With SIIF the process is un-hackable, I simply send a check and one year later I get a check back in the mail. Couldn’t be easier.”

“Every time I tell one of my friends about AmeriSus SIIF they respond that it must be a scam and then they ask where they can sign up. Funny how a fantastic return can turn a skeptic into a participant.”

Amerisus & SIP’s

A longtime relationship
  • Superior construction
  • Superior performance
  • Superior efficiency

thoughts from an industry expert

Watch SIP Construction

We’ve been a leader in creating

development projects that turn

underutilized properties into

community success stories.

For expert help call us and ask for:

Transactionable Property Solutions – an AmeriSus sister company

Having Amerisus Handle Product Sourcing, Procurement & Logistics

Smaller Builders can Focus on Building Rather than Office Work

Here’s a Brief Summary of What AmeriSus can Provide


Floor Joists – Sub floors – sill plate

SIP or Stud Walls & Interior Walls & Doors

Windows & Doors

Complete Roof

Exterior Siding, Trim & Decking

Order Just Structure or an Entire Home


Complete High Efficiency HVAC

Complete Electrical from Point of Distribution

Complete Plumbing from Point of Distribution to Traps

Complete Gas from Point of Distribution to Appliance

Fire & Safety Monitors & Sensors

Already Building a Home Add Our System


Hardwood Floors

Complete Kitchens

Complete Baths

All Appliances including W/D

Selection of Windows, Doors & Hardware

Skip the Big Box Retailer – We’ll Send it to You

The World’s Most Sustainable Lighting System

Conturrent™ from AmeriSus

Low Voltage DC Lighting

Lamps thinner than a postage stamp, switches thinner than a pencil, wiring thinner than speaker wire.

The Truly Smart Way to Light Your Home

Unmatched by anything else. The final solution to maintenance free lighting.

Screen Shot 2016-06-02 at 4.17.54 PM


One panel controls LED lighting inside and out using simple low-voltage DC

A system that can power 200 LED lamps from a single electric outlet

No thick AC wires, recessed metal cans, trim rings, clumsy switches or replacement bulbs

The most affordable system to install and the least costly to operate

Cut the cost of recessed lighting installs in half.

Visit our Conturrent website for more info & watch for our weekly Summer sales packages

“We saved over $1,900 per house in our sub-division as a result of going with a Conturrent system” – NJ Developer

Take a look at our Easy Living 3 model

A perfect starter home or empty-nester retreat

Much talk about jobs going overseas these days.


American jobs and materials have always been an AmeriSus focus

More than 95% of the materials going into our homes are Made in America

Since our homes are built on site the workforce is local labor

Our AC supplier Goodman is creating something  BIG Gigantic in Texas

Click on the AC unit to the left to see how Goodman is putting its $ on the line

Procurement Services that Improve Your Profitability

Save 20% on materials, 10% on labor and 5% on taxes

That’s a potential 35% reduction in costs.

Does Your Supplier Really Care About Reducing Your Costs?

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.31.38 PM

Building your next home with AmeriSus can easily double your profitability on a single house.
Projects with multiple homes can offer even greater savings.


You Can Build More For Less with AmeriSus – We’ve Changed the Process

A new home can be the beginning of an adventure that sets the stage for years to come. At AmeriSus we make the process easy, affordable and a reality for nearly anyone. Our eco-cottage models start at pricing that’s unmatched.

  • If you are a builder, call us to learn how we can help you increase revenue, profit and customer satisfaction.
  • If you are a prospective homeowner, call us to learn how a new eco-home can be a near-term reality.
  • If you are saving for a new home, check out our Social Impact Income Fund as a way to earn 10% APR.
  • If you are involved in creating affordable housing, call us to learn why AmeriSus is the single best approach.

Forget the McMansion and go affordable with AmeriSus charm – click on image for more

Sales Tax Killing Your Project

AmeriSus sources materials  in volume from national manufacturers and suppliers and then coordinates the logistics to get the materials to your project ASAP.

If you work where there is a 6% or 8% or even 10% state sales tax AmeriSus can help you skip the tax and improve your profit.


The parts that you don’t see are just as important.

AmeriSus specifies thousands of parts for each home and as a part of doing that we make certain that they all work together.

Your supplier A most likely doesnt have a clue what your supplier B has done.

Give us a call to learn about the many hidden features that make an Amerisus home special.


Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 12.21.54 PM

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 2.05.59 PM

 “Affordable” at AmeriSus Doesn’t Imply Shortcuts on Quality or Value

AmeriSus 28 Private – Whole Home Package Delivered for You to Construct on Your Site $124,999

Our Cabinets are Made in America for your Project

AmeriSus Cabinets

Made in America for Your Project

Variety of Styles

AN abundance of cabinet types, styles and finishes all available for fast shipment to your project.

Maple Doors & Drawers

U.S.A. made hinges and drawer glides.

Fully Assembled

Shipped in corrugated packaging ready to install. Skip the assemble-it-yourself particle board imports.

Save Time & Money

Save hours on installation and dollars on complete kitchens. No need to learn Swedish.

Maple Hardwood shown in Heritage Brown – Crimson – Crimson w/ Chocolate Glaze

Order your project’s Kitchen Cabinets from Amerisus Plus

Check Out the styles. Select cabinet types from brochure. Complete pricing spreadsheet. Send us your order. All cabinets in stock for quick delivery.

Smaller Houses with Bigger Kitchens

Version 2

At AmeriSus we have always thought that the kitchen was the most important room in the house. Because a kitchen gets a high level of use the individual components that go into it need to be durable besides attractive. Our Whole Home Kit Packages bring together products from some of the most respected manufacturers in the business and we make the whole process simple by handling all the details so that design, product selection, procurement and delivery are handled in a trouble-free manner.

Great components - Great warranties!   Great Pricing! - Great Service!​

The old-fashioned dinning room that saw use a few times each year is gradually disappearing in today’s new homes with homeowners spending wisely and questioning the need for a room that gets such little use. The result of that thinking is larger kitchens with additional space for gathering. Not having to incur the cost of dinning room square footage and the associated furnishings a homeowner can direct those monies saved into an expanded kitchen design that satisfies the needs of a busy lifestyle with features and products that can provide years of satisfaction.

Need a Kitchen or Bath Package for your Project? – Call AmeriSus


Ask about receiving it all as a package in one of our Ready Pack POD’s shipped to your job site.

How many telephone calls, vendor visits and back & forth trips are part of your typical kitchen project?

Save all that time, eliminate the hassle and save with AmeriSus.

AmeriSus CEO Speaks About Housing

Cottage Homes to Address Unsatisfied Need

The home building industry has grown out of the great recession constructing high-end multi-family and luxury housing totally ignoring the needs of the nation’s fastest growing segment which is single-occupant housing.

Difficult Economy & Stalled Housing Market

Despite all you read about new records in the stock market and low unemployment the reality is that most everyone is still feeling the impact of the last ten years with stagnant salaries and rising costs creating a situation where a new home is out of the question. That has created one huge national problem as evidenced by recent big home builder financials.

read more

Consider Our Main Street Family Model

Classic on the Outside – High Tech on the Inside

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 1.02.48 PM

1700 sq. ft. – 32 ft wide – 1st Floor Master Bed & Bath, Sunroom, 2 or 3 bedrooms upstairs – floor plan