Volumes have been written about how to make the exterior walls of a house work better in order to prevent heat loss or gain. One can start by making the walls thicker, you can add more insulation, apply weather-wrap and use caulking and more caulking as ways to reduce air infiltration. Then after all that hard work is done a crazy thing happens. The electricians put deep holes in that wall to accommodate electrical switch boxes. That sounds counterproductive doesn’t it? We thought so too.

That’s why AmeriSus homes with our low-cost WANDA™ home automation system use the Wherever Switch™ on exterior walls. No boxes, no holes, no heat loss. This approach allows a switch (actually three of them in any one unit) to be placed anywhere – just stick it on the wall. Better yet, for sustainability purposes the system eliminates 50% of the wiring that typically goes into a house saving copper, saving installation labor and saving a good amount of money.

Any Wherever Switch can be easily set to control one device or entire group of devices and that assignment can then be managed by WANDA, handy remotes or even from one’s smart phone.

Just think about when you are going out for the night and want to leave a group of lights on to make the place look occupied. Rather than running through the house turning on a light in four different rooms you can hit the Wherever Switch button on your way out the door and a whole mix of lights can be turned on instantly.

Get smart, get WANDA.

Thinner than your cell phone – the Wherever Switch can be placed Wherever you want it.