Today’s most active segment of our business is multifamily housing and it takes all different shapes and forms that includes affordable, workforce and market rate.

Our standard homes are typically shown as detached singles but they can be build in an attached configuration quite easily only requiring an adjustment for side-wall window location. So, as an example, our Starter 16 can be built in multiples where the resultant building may have six sixteen foot wide Starter 16’s connected forming one building. National building and fire code requires that multi-family structures have additional design & safety elements any of our homes built in this fashion are modified to conform to multifamily requirements.

Often AmeriSus is approached by builders that have a project that was planned and approved years ago as a high-density project but never built and that the design and/or configuration is no longer viable in today’s market. Builders in that situation can work with AmeriSus design team to arrive at a reconfigured site plan incorporating AmeriSus homes.

Pictured below are a few examples of recent multifamily projects from AmeriSus.