The AmeriSus Triple F building system is based on a series of 3-story designs so that buildings structures of different dimensions can be joined together to create individual living units of varying sizes.

Shown below, as one of many configurations, is the 12 ft. (with garage) and 10 ft. (with door) building (blocks) joined together to form individual living units that are 22 ft. wide.  Just as easily, configurations can be designed where the building width calculation is the total of different unit size (12+12) (10+10) (14+10) etc.

Buildings have their exteriors finished in traditional, contemporary or modern styling.

We like to think of it as our Plug & Play approach to home design and for most configurations there are no interior bearing walls so that the actual room layout can be custom designed to fit the needs and desires of the owner.

Infinite sq. ft. – Infinite bedrooms – Infinite bathrooms – Infinite footprint