Double the features. Double the functionality.
Everyone says that our Double Double model makes a lot of sense and then they ask why other builders don’t offer this design. We like to think that’s because we’re constantly thinking ahead of the curve.

Living situations today are way different than the typical two parents / two kids standard of decades ago. and often the need is flexibility or maybe just more convenience.

In most homes there is a master bedroom & bath and then smaller bedrooms and a smaller bath. As a result of that design when two people sleep in separate rooms it becomes a coin toss as to who gets which room. That’s not the case with our Double Double.

Whatever the living arrangement the Double Double lets each person enjoy the luxury and privacy of their own master suite. So whether you are just two people sharing a place, or if you work different shifts, or maybe somebody just snores all night long and sleeping apart is better we have the solution.

This model also works for multi-generational situations where parents can live downstairs while their grandchildren and parent(s) can live upstairs. There’s even an upstairs family room.

2050 sq. ft. – 2 Master Bedrooms – 2 Walk in closets – 2 Master Baths – 2nd floor family room – 4 bedrooms total – 3.5 bathrooms total – 24 ft. X 42 ft. footprint