Simple, functional & feature packed. 750 sq. ft. of living space. Large open living area. One terrific home – you actually don’t need anything else.

[half]We can’t think of a simpler home that is more functional and feature packed than our Madison cottage. More and more people live alone or as couples without kids yet not many homes are designed for one or two people.

With a footprint of only 25 ft. X 26 ft. this home can fit most anywhere whether it be a small lot in the city, a patch of land in suburbia or at the mountains or beach. As more and more communities allow cottage homes or granny flats this cottage can even work in a backyard where that old garage might have been located.

While many new homes skimp on space and storage the Madison gives a bit more everywhere. Modern kitchen with island. Large bedroom with 2 double closets. Laundry center. Large coat closet on ground floor. Utility closet in hallway. 2 car garage with work area. 2nd floor balcony off of dining area.[/half]

705 sq. ft. – 1 bedroom – 1 bathroom – 25 ft X 26 ft footprint

Can be built as attached multiples

Exterior style can be traditional, contemporary or modern with a variety of finish materials.