Household demographics have changed dramatically with more single occupant households than ever before. At the same time people’s incomes have not increased at the same rate as the other costs one incurs each month. Whether it be energy, healthcare, education, insurance, transportation or taxes is seems that these costs only know one direction.

That’s why AmeriSus was the first to introduce a complete line of homes (we call them our Liberty Series of cottages) as a way for most anyone to enjoy the benefits of a stand-alone home while not having to spend what might seem like a small fortune. Think about new eco-housing for $600 / month.

At 320 square feet our George Washington model offers a mix of features typically found in high-end housing. Solid hardwood flooring, quality european styled kitchen cabinets, stainless steel Energy Star appliances and high-end bathroom fixtures are only a few of the features that establish the GW as a true winner. The combination of super-efficient thermal insulation and outright frugal HVAC make this home a true money saver when it comes to heating & cooling.

If you are young and looking for a fantastic low cost place to live the GW does it. If you are old and need something that’s smaller and easy to maintain GW does it. And, if you are just an average guy or girl that would rather be putting money in the bank the GW helps there.

The GW is our smallest home. It serves a purpose and puts things in different priority for those that want to build a bit of Personal Sustainability.

Consider having the GW become your smaller “carbon footprint” as well as a positive financial step for your future.

320 sq. ft. – 1 bedroom – 1 bathroom – 1 low monthly payment – 16 ft X 20 ft footprint