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Read About America’s Welcomed Solution to the Housing Crisis

You can build a shack or an attractive AmeriSus ADU

How many designs have you looked at where the proposed ADU looks like a low-cost trailer or a high-priced museum exhibit where neither concepts fit with the local architecture? AmeriSus ADU’s are different.

AmeriSus is the leading whole home kit supplier

AmeriSus has been supplying small builders and DIY’ers eco-home kits for more than a decade. Our home range in size from simple cottages to multi-family structures designed to be BFC – Better built, Faster to assemble & Cheaper (lower in cost) than anything else. This year we launched a line of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s) that can be built most anywhere.

ADU’s starting at less than $50,000

That’s high value super-efficient eco-home kits including the architectural design, structure, exterior, interior, utility systems, cabinetry, fixtures all the way down to towel racks in the bath (basically everything from the sill plate up). You supply the land and foundation. Check out our ADU brochure that provides more detail.

Affordable Housing for Everyone™

A backyard ADU built with funds from a Home Equity Loan or home refinancing can produce an income stream that can be life changing.

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