Sure In My Back Yard

Rather than an old garage or overgrown patch of vegetation in the back corner of your yard you could build an ADU – that’s short for Accessory Dwelling Unit.

This is not some minuscule tiny house. It is a comfortable one bedroom apartment in your yard usually about 700 sq.ft.

Think how a relative or friend or even stranger could benefit by having a nice, clean, quiet & efficient place to live in your yard.

Unlike mid-rise and high-rise construction bringing dozens or even hundreds of families into a quiet neighborhood ADU’s bring no negative impact and more typically bring people closer together.

The Amerisus team has been active in property development for more than thirty years.  For all of that time our focus has been on creating projects in neighborhoods where the impact would be positive for the existing community.

Our sister company Transactionable Property Solutions identified old abandoned or under-utilized properties that had been community eye-sores and turned them into something that everyone welcomed.

Such an approach is a difficult sell from the onset as most people, understandably so, are wary of developers and builders that are so often looking to make a quick buck on false promises.

The home building industry has pretty much ignored the affordable housing market segment. Builders keeps building large homes for large families or multi-family monstrosities that can change the character of an entire neighborhood.

At AmeriSus we believe that many towns across America were built way back when with a plan to keep everything on a low-rise basis which in turn keeps density, congestion and traffic low and peaceful. That’s rather nice. Why monkey around with what works? Often the density formula that was put in place decades ago is the game-plan that keeps on working.

Accessory Dwelling Units – ADU’s – have in recent years become a new and different way to add additional low-impact housing in the backyards of select neighborhoods. We see it as an acceptable alternative to multi-family projects and one that addresses the housing shortage problem without changing the identity of a neighborhood.

Build up with an apartment on a second level.

One Bedroom, bath, living room & kitchen doesn’t take up much space and can easily fit over a two-car garage.

Put a carriage house in the back yard and have your property generate a monthly income.

Ask about our eco-cottages as ADU’s

AmeriSus ADU’s can be purchased as complete kits starting at under $50,000.

If you have some construction talent and ambition your AmeriSus ADU  can become a project tackled over a few weekends. If not, a local builder can build it for you or it can become a project where the work is shared. Simple is good. Work with us to keep things simple.