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The new retail era is shipping things to your house.

We’re not shipping our pal Bub pictured here but,

We are now shipping homes in a box (see below)

What’s in the Box ?

Not long after Amerisus started shipping kit homes to builders one of our repeat customers started calling us the “House in a Box” outfit. We all laughed because our typical kit home was comprised of some 25-30 deliveries sent in a just-in-time fashion over a twelve week build schedule. That was far from everything being shipped in a box.

Years later that builder explained how the Amerisus Ready Build process made his work so easy with everything showing up on time, when needed, he likened it to pulling everything out of a magic box without having to think about suppliers or wait for deliveries.

That description of us got everyone to thinking about the possibility of actually delivering a box with essential components for our smaller cottages. In 2016 we formed a relationship with the national company POD’s in order to do what our longtime builder friend hinted at years before.

Today our ADU’s and smaller cottages are delivered in two shipments. The first shipment comes by flat-bed and it includes the walls, roof and associated structural lumber. The second shipment comes via POD and it includes the balance of our Ready Build kit for finishing the project.

Who would have thought that what our friends at P&S Property joked about years ago would actually become a reality for our eco-cottages and ADU’s.

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SIMBY – the new backyard trend

For decades those that have opposed new development projects have been labeled the NIMBY group. That’s = Not In My Back Yard – and the debate about the pros and cons have gone on forever with subjects as broad as pipelines in one’s community to a gas station or high-rise down the street. We have some thoughts on neighborhood preservation and character. (more)

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We’ve been making some of the products we use in our homes available via our Plus e-commerce pages.
Business has been good so we moved that activity off of its now location which you can visit at


Recent new stories talk about drinking straws being  a huge environmental waste problem. Here we are talking about a different kind of SIP’s.  We’re talking about building panels. (more)

Panel Size Determination

Tight sites and city infill projects often don’t allow enough space for large construction cranes or large panels. As a result smaller panels that can be moved and installed by two workers become the easy solution.

Smaller homes on accessible parcels are ideal candidates for using large SIP panels where a crane can quickly drop down large wall and roof sections.

The thicker the SIP the better the energy efficiency. Our standard wall panel thickness is 6″ but 8″ 10″ and 12″ are options.

SIP’s save time with insulation already installed and openings for windows and doors precisely cut.

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